Astrologer Jessica Adams predicts what's in store for your star sign today

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Your look, brand or image takes you to 2015 and beyond. This is about the future meeting the present. And if you are radical you can move things way, way forward.


Can you confide or share? It may be interesting to do it. You are obviously keeping a secret or operating without any credit, yet perhaps someone can be looped into a discussion.


Change things for your group, and your friend. Of course, you are also changing things for yourself when you do that. And it’s electrifying.


Working, volunteering or studying is enthralling. If it isn’t, it’s because you are refusing to change. The changes are radical but they are so overdue.


The future of travel, education, the web or publishing calls. It’s your future, but it’s also other people’s future too. And you can ring the changes.


The financial revolution will sputter and stall, but it will happen. Just read the fine print on any paperwork or digital agreements very carefully.


You experimented wildly in your love life and now look. What you went out on a limb with, a year or two ago, now makes sense to those who did not understand the first time. It’s liberating.


Keep on trying that new work or lifestyle formula. It puts you out on your own, but independence is fine if others are happy to meet you halfway. And they are.


The next generation or relationships which bring it closer, are key. This is where you can take your recent attempts at radical new approaches even further. And it will be welcomed.


What you do today with your home or family, brings in the future. You may even be imitated. A vivid confrontation with your own visions is here, with the house, flat, clan, home town or household.


You are setting up the future in terms of communication. Paper or digital, written or spoken, you have so much to experiment with. And others are excited.


Do it your way financially, but also with your personal values. What you will and will not sell out for. Who and what you call priceless. Do allow weeks for this to reshape itself though.