Astrologer Jessica Adams predicts what's in store for your star signs for today

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What happens with friends now lasts forever. Groups, too. Psyche, the goddess asteroid, is depicted by a butterfly. This is about transformation into something eternal.


You work, volunteer or study to write something in stone. It will last beyond your lifetime if you get it right. No matter how hard this is, you will be helped.


Your travel, publishing, web or education agenda is key. Psyche in Aquarius describes something very special that resonates with you and others for years.


This is an epic time for business, finance, property. Also precious possessions and charity. You can make or save a small fortune. But you can also make a forever statement.


Psyche in Aquarius rules former, current, potential lovers. She describes the process of trials and tests which results in immortality. The flame that burns forever. The match is struck.


Your financial, property or business move has legs. The kind of legs that mean it will go the distance, far into 2015 and beyond. Just allow for changes, delays during the process.


The next generation? Or relationships bringing it closer? Something so remarkable is being written in your life story here and it will endure.


Your house, home town, flat, homeland or family is key. So is your household. Going through hoops like this is an obstacle course, but a spiritual one. Because this lasts for years.


It’s an amazing time to write, publish or broadcast. Your voice, across all mediums and media, is there to resonate through the years. However you manifest it.


The property, business or money is so important now. It has very special promise for the long-term future, and you are thoroughly protected and helped by the universe now.


Your image, photo, brand, name, look or video lasts. So does your oil painting or anything bearing your likeness or signature. It lasts because you’ve squeezed it into becoming…so enjoy it.


Psyche in your Twelfth House is mysterious. She describes the secrets you keep, the things you cover up, and the invisible, uncredited roles you play. The verdict? This will endure…