Astrologer and expert in prediction Jessica Adams takes a look at what's in store today

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Hold your horses with a former, current or potential partner. Enemies and rivals too. This is not fixed, firm or final. It is a state of flux. Don’t sign, seal or deliver for weeks.


Your workload? Your body? Be highly strategic. The information and communication flow will not flow at all, for weeks - it will stick or run backwards. Prepare now.


The next generation? A relationship bringing it closer? Your ruler Mercury is retrograde so the connections are not solid - the story will alter or be held up - work around that.


Make your home, family or home town the priority. Also your property interests, household or homeland. Allow for u-turns or hold-ups in the weeks ahead. Read the fine print.


The web, media, publishing, phones and computers are key. You want to team up with someone but the timing is wrong. Delays and changes lie ahead. Treat this as loose talk, through October.


Use pencil when writing about finance in your diary. Likewise business interests, your house or flat and your possessions. You may be rubbing out and changing details for weeks.


If it’s about you, then the story will change. The web, media, multimedia, computers, phones and even the humble signature could be at the heart of delays, mistakes, u-turns. So prepare.


Your secrets or your invisible role suggests complications. Communication and information will not work as it should. Neither will transportation. It all affects you. Have Plan B.


Your friend, or the group, brings weeks of complexity. Nothing will be firm, fixed and final and you may want to factor that in as you make your plans. Especially if money is involved.


Career, university or non-profit commitments are complex. Nothing is in the can. This is the first take, as you make the film of your life. There will be re-takes. Read the fine print.


Micro-manage your travel, web, foreign, publishing, uni agenda. This also applies to education in general. There will be backward thrust, where there is now forward thrust. Have Plan B.


Time financial, property, business moves carefully. What is done could be undone. What is in motion may go backwards or sideways. Read the fine print. Also with buying or selling!