Jessica Adams brings you all your stars for the day

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Tough decisions will be made today Aries.

What others don’t see or know about you, or your world, is key. This is where the Sun in the discriminating sign of Virgo will reveal how far is too far, and if something is okay - or not.


It's time to examine things a little more closely today Taurus.

It’s time to look at your friend or group with new eyes. Uncomfortable though it may be, you are helped by a closer examination of a situation where the word ‘maverick’ certainly applies.


Focus your ambition today Gemini.

Focus on your ambition and position, even if it’s not in focus now. A clear-eyed judgement can be made even if it’s making you squirm. This matter of status, career, study or other goals requires a choice.


Today is all about assessing the situation Cancer.

Your travel, foreign, education or publishing agenda is key. Your view is quite different these days, and even if it’s a hard call, you need to really assess what has been going on this year.


Today needs for you to judge situations alone Leo.

The (Leo) Madonna sang Material Girl rules your day. You may be materialistic or not, but you must examine everything you own, earn and owe to judge a situation which is wildly experimental.


Make sure you make clear judgements today Virgo.

Former, current and potential partners, and enemies, dominate. You must now use what you are being shown, to make a clear judgement about a situation which has been very unclear to date.


Expect old patterns to break today Libra.

Your daily routine cannot be routine today, Libra. With Chiron, Salacia and Neptune breaking up old patterns with your working life, or your body, why not use the situation to make a decision.


Today is a time for thinking about the future Scorpio.

The next generation is on your mind today. This also applies to relationships which may make you a parent eventually. Something or someone is so bent out of shape here. You need to find out why.


This may be time to draw the line Sagittarius.

Your home, family, household or home town dominates. Chiron in Pisces asks you to examine what/who should exist…or not. What are you prepared to accept, or draw the line with?


Thing about your line today Capricorn, and if it has been crossed.

The internet, media, publishing or your voice rules the day. All the rules are being redrawn all the time and it’s up to you to figure out what you will allow these days and what is much too much.


Today is all about making that choice Aquarius.

Time for a choice about your finances, property or business. September is the most important month of the year for sorting out what you can, and cannot get away with - yes, no or maybe?


Today Pisces, is all about you.

It’s all about you today and your image. Brand or look? Name or persona? Three potent horoscope factors in Pisces, your own sign, encourage you to examine what is, or is not, going too far.