Your daily horoscope from expert astrologer Jessica Adams

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The Full Moon at 2.38am puts your secrets on the line and perhaps an invisible role you have played behind the scenes. Why did this all become so confused? Preventative measures help.


Your friend or group needs sorting out today, Taurus. There have been so few boundaries for months it may be time to put them back in. And contain and control what is all over the place.


Your ambition, mission or position is key today, Gemini. It looks as though a project, role or plan has become potentially chaotic. Of course it may have hit real chaos. Time for containment.


Your ruler the Moon is full at 2.38am, Cancer. Your travel, foreign, publishing, internet or educational agenda is also full of unanswered questions. What or who needs reining in?


Your ruler the Sun opposes the Moon today Leo. The opposition with yourself, about your money, house, business, flat, charity or possessions must be answered. And any opposition in the world.


Your former, current or potential partner is an issue. The Full Moon makes everything clear. This also applies to an enemy, opponent or rival. Next time you won’t wander off course so much, non?


It’s time to address all of your lifestyle today. The eight hours you set aside for working, sleeping and living need to be pulled back into line. Boundaries is the magic word and it will help you now.


The next generation is crucial now Scorpio. Also, the relationships which bring it closer. Some very fuzzy lines have been drawn in the sand, no matter if you’re a parent or not. Redraw the lines now.


It’s time to focus on your home, family or household. Beyond that, your property interests, home town or homeland. This has been out of focus for months. Now, you can gain clarity at last.


Communication, online and offline, is the priority. What happens near the Full Moon forces you to consider how clear, realistic, contained and controlled things are - digitally or in the real world.


This Full Moon is about all that you earn, own or owe. It is unlikely to be easy or simple, but you also need this moment of truth, so that you can clear up any confusion and plan for the future.


It’s time to see yourself as other people see you. The mirror reflection, camera image, online persona and so on, has not been as clear as you might wish. Use the Full Moon to correct this.