Your daily horoscope from expert astrologer Jessica Adams

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Today Aries, you take the reins.

This is such a key month for your career, success and daily workload. Pluto is giving you the reins. Venus, in Virgo after today, helps you pursue a two-way street with someone, in a matter of days.


The collaboration you need is coming, Taurus.

You will have the co-operation and collaboration you need from (or involving) children, godchildren or young relatives. Also, perhaps, with professional or voluntary youth involvements of all kinds.


Remember Gemini, you can achieve a great deal.

A person who makes all the difference to the way you feel about your house, flat, family, home town, homeland or household now pings onto your radar. You two can achieve a great deal soon.


Teamwork is important from today Cancer.

If you want to be heard or read in a particular way, look to the person who is so happy to meet you halfway, from this evening forward. He or she is on the other end of the see-saw from you now.


Be on the lookout for somebody to pair up with today Leo.

After 6.00pm Venus enters Virgo and the stage is set for the most important financial and business month of 2014. September will sort out a great deal thanks to someone who you can pair up with.


Today is all about learning to appreciate yourself Virgo.

From 6.00pm you have permission to enter The Wonderful World Of Me and stay there for the rest of September. Profile? Style? Shape? Face? All this now becomes a matter for someone else, too.


Prepare for focus to switch today Libra.

It’s been a long time, but there is a new focus on your secrets, classified information or most confidential concerns after tonight. Also, perhaps, an uncredited, behind-the-scenes role you play.


Harmony is the word of the day today Scorpio.

From 6pm, Venus in Virgo helps you build bridges, create symmetrically balanced scales and more. Your friend, or faces within an important group, offers the most scope for all this harmony.


Watch out for fresh cycles Sagittarius.

Do use this new cycle. Tonight or tomorrow, you’ll become aware of a career, university or non-profit relationship which could function in the most amazing way, right through September.


There's a win-win on the horizon Capricorn.

Your foreign, internet, travel, publishing or educational agenda is about to become a great deal more important than usual. One of the players wants to create a win-win with you. Just say yes.


Today is all about making things work Aquarius.

September is rapidly looking like the most important month of the year for choices about banks, business arrangements, property and so on. Make the new two-way street from tonight, work.


Look to mix things up a bit today Pisces.

From 6.06pm you enter a crucial cycle with your former, current or potential partner. Even with an enemy, rival or opponent. The alchemy and chemistry are there. Now it’s up to you. Start mixing.