Jessica Adams tells us what the stars have in store for our signs today

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A little perspective is key today Aries.

Believe it or not, there will come a time when money, rent, the mortgage, business or precious possessions will not automatically induce a cringe. For now, try to remember: this is temporary.


Time to review your strategy today Taurus.

Your former, current or potential partner? Your enemy, rival or opponent? After 6pm the emotion is replaced by a different atmosphere altogether. Do review your strategy, though. Is it still working?


There are brighter times ahead Gemini.

Either your daily workload, or your relationship with your body (perhaps both) sets you one obstacle after another at the moment. This too shall pass, though. Actually, within four months.


Today calls for you to stay calm Cancer.

Babies, children or teenagers? Or the relationships bringing this world closer to yours? In all cases your ruler the Moon makes today far too emotional. The evening is easier; take stock. Relax.


Not long to go before the mood lifts Leo.

After 6pm the Moon leaves your family, home town, homeland, house, flat and household zone and the mood lifts. By Christmas the most demanding cycle in 29 years will also lift. Not long to go now.


Today is all about winding down Virgo.

Communication is your stock in trade, but seldom has the internet, media, publishing, singing, foreign language or public speaking been so demanding. After wine o’clock, it’s easier. Wind down.


Calm is due to be restored today Libra.

The Moon changes signs at 6.16pm and the emotional component of what should be a basic money, business, house, flat, charity or ownership issue vanishes. Now, go back to practicalities.


Don't fret Scorpio, today things get easier.

The Moon has been in Scorpio since Saturday morning, so this has been a heavily loaded weekend in terms of your ‘me’ questions and your ‘me, me, me’ agenda. Tonight is vastly easier.


Prepare to be challenged today Sagittarius.

In 2015 and 2016 matters of image, personal appearance, name and reputation challenge you. The future is created in the present, though. What are you being shown or told, after 6pm tonight?


Today calls for a return to a safer strategy Capricorn.

You could have honestly done without the emotion surrounding a friendship, frenemy or particular group or team this weekend. Deep breath! What you actually need is the return to a safe strategy.


Things are set to get easier Aquarius.

The weekend was supposed to be your time out from career, university or other projects and plans. Instead you were reminded of the obstacle course around you. By Christmas, though, it’s gone.


Becoming carefree is closer than you think Pisces.

This may be hard to believe, but from Christmas, you can travel, teach, study, write, publish, deal with foreign cultures and nationalities - and explore - without the big elephant tied to your back.