Astrologer Jessica Adams gives her predictions for the day ahead

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Today, Aries, is finally time to find out.

You have a horoscope reminder about the secrets you keep (or have revealed) as well as an uncredited, back room role you play. After months of not-knowing, it’s time to find out. Utterly.


Time to focus on reinstating boundaries Taurus.

Keep it real and remember you are an earth sign, and a bull to boot, with all hooves on the ground. A friendship or group commitment has melted common-sense boundaries. Time to reinstate them.


Today is all about addressing what is there Gemini.

Your daily workload is so demanding and difficult that you have escaped into bigger career outlets, or little worlds of success. These now require a firm test or three. Time to address what’s there.


Beware of confusing issues which loom in the distance Cancer.

You can use the travel, internet time, book venture or course as the escape from the real world you deserve, but just watch out for the risk of chaos, as confused and confusing people/issues loom.


Today, Leo, marks your return to reality.

At 8.00am the planet Neptune triggers your horoscope, in your sector of banks, business, property, charity and buying/selling. Your trip away from reality has been interesting. But now, drop anchor.


Today is time to face up to things Virgo.

If you have been using a feud as a way to evade or avoid other realities, then it’s time to face that. If a former, current or potential partner has also popped you into a bubble, time to pop out again.


One area of your life is overdue a practical examination Libra.

Some aspect of your daily routine, involving what you eat or drink, how you exercise - or what chemicals or other substances go into your system - requires a straight-up, practical examination.


Today requires you to focus on non-fiction Scorpio.

The world of babies, children or young adults - or the relationships bringing it call closer - is also a parallel world right up there with science fiction. Put the book down. Time for some non-fiction.


Remember Sagittarius, your escape will not last forever.

The Great Escape is a magnificent Blur album and in some way describes your house, family, household, flat, home town or homeland this year. Escaping reality is never permanent, though!


Today may be the day to exit, Capricorn.

You appear to have been operating in a parallel universe where the internet, publishing, the media or other outlets for your voice and words are concerned. Stand back and look at it. Time to exit?


Staying realistic is crucial today Aquarius.

You have a great deal to sort out with your bank, tax, business arrangements, flat, house, charity , possessions and so on. The willingness to see clearly - and to stand on planet earth - is crucial.


Stop and think Pisces, you can not afford to drift.

Neptune in Pisces can take you further and further away from the reality of ‘me’ and all that entails, unless you are extremely careful to stop yourself in your own tracks before you drift any more.