Jessica Adams lets us know what our stars have in store today

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You're heading in the right direction today Aries.

Since July one circumstance or another has pushed you in a particular direction with the world of babies, children, teenagers (or the relationships bringing them closer). It’s the perfect direction.


Today is time to take stock Taurus.

Now, take stock of what you’ve got and what you can do. You have been presented with all new options for your house, relative, flat, home town, flatmate or homeland since July. Enjoy using it all.


It's time to appreciate what you have today Gemini.

The last six weeks have rushed you into new possibilities with old friends, social media, new friends or group commitments. Now, review and appreciate it all. This is a little goldmine.


Today is a time to use your assets Cancer.

It’s all happened so quickly, but you have been gathering assets (or been given them) on a financial, business, charity, property or ownership level since July. At last, time to use it all.


Don't refuse the helping hand you are offered today Leo.

If you have been pushed into dressing in a new way, or using a camera/computer in a new way - or any other ‘no choice’ change to your appearance - use it! This is Jupiter in Leo at work, helping.


Remember Virgo, everything you do is there to benefit you.

There are no accidents in astrology and every single little thing - which you can now remember - about the secrets you keep, or the invisible, uncredited roles you play - is there to benefit you.


Be sure to pick up on possibilities today Libra.

Since July, small snowballs of possibility have been gathering around (or through) your friends, and the groups you all belong to. Nothing has really become clear yet, but do pick up one big snowball.


Work with what you have today Scorpio.

Take a deep breath and look right around the landscape of your career, university life or non-profit commitments since July. Isolate every single new factor which is helping you. Work with it all, now.


Today is a time to consider your many advantages Sagittarius.

You can do more with this. Since July you have gathered one subtle, new advantage after another - in terms of your travel, academic, publishing or educational options. Line up your ducks today.


The raw material you need is there Capricorn, work with it.

You’ve lacked the time and space to sit down and fully appreciate what glittering, new, raw material you have to work with. Yet this could make a such a difference to your finances, lifestyle, security.


Today, Aquarius, own the opportunity.

Former, current or potential partner? Enemy, rival or opponent? There is so much you can do here, given the intriguing way things have altered since July. And now is the time to own the opportunity.


Don't let options pass you by Pisces.

Nothing and nobody since July is a mere coincidence or quirk. The resources and options you have been given by the universe are here to improve your working life. Don't let them pass you by.