Expert astrologer Jessica Adams brings us our daily horoscope

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Questions are key today Aries.

You will not get straightforward or smooth answers with (or from) your former, current or potential partner after the 15th. Nor with enemies. Accelerate discussion or questions from today, Aries.


Concentrate on getting answers today Taurus.

Your daily workload or your body becomes a talking point after today, yet as the talk could be unreliable or delayed after the middle of September, do all you can to pursue answers now.


Time to start wrapping up Gemini.

Your ruler Mercury goes retrograde shadow from the 15th so try to wrap up all discussion or paperwork involving the next generation (or relationships bringing it closer) this week or next.


Today is about avoiding complications Cancer.

Your house, flatmate, relative, flat, home town or homeland is at the heart of paperwork, news or serious talking soon. Skip complications by wrapping it up within this fortnight if you can, Cancer.


Concentrate on communication today Leo.

After 6.30am Mercury enters Libra. The communication planet in your communication zone. Do as much as you can before 15th September, especially if phones, media, the web or laptops count.


Today is time to speed things up Virgo.

Expedite your financial, property, charity, business or shopping/selling affairs before the glue pours into your horoscope. Wheels don’t turn from the 15th, they stick - so try to speed up signatures.


Be on the look out for answers today Libra.

Mercury in Libra from today starts the discussion about your reputation, personal appearance and brand. Expect a useful question and answer session - but accelerate key decisions by the 15th.


Beware of revelations today Scorpio.

From the early hours of this morning, the dark secret you are covering up - or the invisible role you are playing without recognition - becomes an issue. Resolve this over by the 15th, if you can.


Today calls for some serious organisation Sagittarius.

A group project or friendship could take you backwards and forwards for weeks, so try to set up the key discussions, paperwork or online commitments this week or early next week to skip issues.


Opportunities are in the air today Capricorn.

You are well-known for your ambition, and a matter directly affecting your role or future position will bounce onto your radar after today. If possible, wrap things up this week or next week if you can.


Consider making back up plans today Aquarius.

Your internet, travel, foreign, educational or publishing agenda triggers important news or a discussion after today. Tie this up by the 15th. If pursuing after that date, have Plan B or insurance.


Aim for closure on important issues today Pisces.

Do all you can to gain closure on a financial, business, property, charity or sale/purchase matter, this week or next week. After the 15th you will hit delays, silly errors or u-turns, thanks to Mercury.