Your daily horoscope from expert astrologer Jessica Adams

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Your fair share of power is on the way Aries.

Success is not only about the labels or tags applied to your C.V. or online profile. It’s actually about having your (exactly) fair share of all available power. Within three days you can acquire just that.


Intriguing developments are in the pipeline Taurus.

Your travel, foreign, internet, publishing and/or educational agenda goes to the top of the pile from tonight, with more intriguing developments on Friday, which puts you in such a powerful position.


Issues of control become relevant today Gemini.

You can’t buy empowerment. You are now being asked to look beyond the monetary value of the house, business asset, flat, possessions or financial arrangement, and to the issue of control.


Loose ends are to be tied today Cancer.

The next 72 hours will sort out so much for you with (or for) your former, current or potential partner. Enemies and rivals, too. This is like psychological music chairs, but do grab a chair.


The control you deserve could soon be yours Leo.

Your ruler the Sun trines Pluto at 5.10pm, and your work ethic, lifestyle and mind-body-spirit relationship becomes twice as important. By Friday the control you deserve could be yours.


Prepare for things to fall back in your favour today Virgo.

Babies, children, teenagers? Relationships bringing that world closer? In all cases, the steering wheel swings back your way. By Friday, rare horoscope patterns put you in the driver’s seat.


Today is all about taking charge Libra.

An awful lot can happen in three days, and it’s time you felt in control (at last) where your relative, house, flat, home town, flatmate or homeland was concerned. Take what is justifiably your turf.


Useful horoscope patterns are on their way Scorpio.

Your ruler Pluto makes the first of two useful horoscope patterns today, and by the weekend your internet, publishing, media, computer, phone or other Communication H.Q. concern is your victory.


A new arrangement is imminent Sagittarius.

There has to be a new arrangement or a fresh agreement, even if it’s unspoken, which gives you far more leeway with the money, house, flat, possessions, business or charity. And it’s imminent.


Today is all about image and appearance Capricorn.

Today and Friday are joined by a line of glittering dots, and the story is strictly about your image, brand, name, appearance and profile. Something or someone took over. Well, not for much longer.


The time is coming when you can once again pull your own strings Aquarius.

This has been a long time coming, but within three days, you can finally pull your own strings again, either with a confidential and classified matter, or an uncredited, unseen role you play.


Satisfaction is the word of the day Pisces.

All that psychological (or real) jostling for position within your group commitment, social tribe or friendship network actually results in empowerment. And that word spells unbeatable satisfaction.