Wave goodbye to stress with these White Gold Bath Salts from INA

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With the strains of modern life weighing heavy on our weary selves, we were delighted to discover INA Crystals White Gold Detoxifying Bath Salts which promised to relieve stress and relax our muscles in one dreamy, steamy cleanse.

Like basking in goldust (literally), the crystals detoxify, deep cleanse and heal. Mined in a way that keeps the minerals pure, the pristine state of the crystal makes it more easily absorbed by the body meaning it eliminates toxins accumulated over time through pollution, diet and stress more effectively. The salts also help with stiff joints, aches and insomnia, as well as improving blood circulation.

The fine salts dissolve quickly, giving off a steamy aroma which creates an air of relaxation almost immediately. I could feel them working all the while I was in the water and my limbs felt light and looser post-bathtime. My skin was also super soft and I felt more chilled than I had in weeks. For optimum results INA suggest using the entire (1kg) container at once for a turbo-charged detox, but adding six or seven scoops to your bath each day is also a great way of prologing your cleanse and ensuring results are maintained over time.

INA Crystals White Gold Detox Bath Crystals, £47, available to buy online at  Selfridges