The Duchess of Cambridge has finally updated her 'do, but Sarah Vine says it's more of a hair don't

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Opinion is divided at Gloss central about the success of the Duchess of Cambridge’s new haircut. Susannah , who is fundamentally a very nice person, thinks it looks lovely, and wants to put up a video  showing all you lovely readers how to get the look. I, however, think she looks like she’s morphing into her spaniel, Lupo. It also makes her look uncannily like Mel C.

It’s not so much the fringe that’s the problem. It’s the bouncy-bouncy blow-dry, the twirly whirly Park Avenue Princess curls. That, and the length: it’s too long for a fringe. If she lopped a couple of inches off it and lost the twizzly bits, it would suddenly look incredibly chic.

A pop psychologist might of course say that the fringe is hugely significant. A fringe is something a person can hide behind, especially a soft half-fringe like this one. Straight across fringes, such as Claudia Winkleman’s, are a bold, strong statement. Softer, floppy ones like Kate’s give off a  much more demure vibe. Princess Diana’s bangs famously earned her the nickname Shy Di. Perhaps Kate’s is an unconscious response to the strain of continuous scrutiny.

Or perhaps not. Perhaps she just fancied a change. Clarence House are neither confirming nor denying, but the new look is being attributed to hairdresser Richard Ward. Interestingly, the man who actually used to look after her hair there, James Pryce, left Ward’s salon after the Royal Wedding. He now works with Josh Wood at his Atelier in Notting Hill. Perhaps she should think about following him.