The X Factor judge has hit the bleach bottle, and by the look of her it was a supersized Domestos. What was she thinking?

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As much as we admire Tulisa for being a ballsy, outspoken judge on The X Factor, and while we think she is very attractive (you don’t get voted as FHM’s sexiest woman for nothing), it doesn’t take away from the fact that her recent peroxide hair colour really REALLY doesn’t suit her.

As colouring maestro Josh Wood has told me in the past, the golden rule of hair colour this: if you have warmness in your skin then you need to stick to a warm hair colour that consists of similar tones (and vice versa for cool toned complexions). Pairing together Tulisa’s olive-skinned Greek complexion with lemon-coloured hair is a bit like combining chocolate with Cheddar cheese – it just doesn’t work. Going blonde as a natural brunette washes out your complexion, and we bet our bottom dollar that Tulisa will have to cake on the make-up in the mornings just to look half alive.

Moreover, to lift hair to this degree involves a bucketload of peroxide, which - as Tulisa will now know - leaves hair a bit like wire wool.

Tulisa looks best the way God intended her to, which is a rich shade of brunette.  Please, Tulisa: dye it back!