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Expert’s Top 5: Chris Ward


Fitness First's UK Personal Training Manager Chris shares his top fitness product picks and tips

Check out Chris's expert page here.

  • The Watt Bike

    The Watt Bike

    If the great British summer isn’t all we’d hoped for, there’s nothing quite as close to the real thing as a Watt Bike.

    You can see your power output on the screen and measure yourself against previous bests and an international community of Watt Bike enthusiasts!

    Buy online.

  • Kettlebells


    Originally used by Russian athletes to improve their strength, mobility and power, swinging a kettlebell might look a little odd, but it engages large muscle groups – especially in your backside!

    It will improve your posture as well as being a great workout for anyone with a fitness, strength, or weight loss goal.

    Buy online.

  • TRX


    This was developed by the Navy Seals looking for a way to train with a small piece of kit in such a way that body weight movements in all three planes could be easily executed.

    It allows you to achieve a full body workout for strength, power and endurance.

    Buy online.

  • ViPR


    The ViPR (which stands for Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning) is essentially a rubber tube with handles at various positions and serves to lengthen and load your levers to add a new dimension to your training.

    Known as loaded movement training, the ViPR will add some serious intensity to your tri-planar movement sessions.

    Find out further information including how to learn how to use it properly here


  • MyFitnessPal app

    MyFitnessPal app

    This is an increasingly popular app that you can manage your food intake, calorie expenditure, and lifestyle on.

    Just by recording the foods that you eat, (via a clever barcode reader) it will mean that you often think twice about buying that naughty slice of cake!

    Free to download. Sign up here


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