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Expert's Top 5: Dan Roberts


Personal trainer Dan Roberts discloses the five health and fitness products he needs in his life

  • Divine Mint Dark Chocolate

    Divine Mint Dark Chocolate

    It tastes how chocolate should and in a very small way you're making a difference!

    The world's first farmer-owned, certified fair trade, chocolate brand that are dedicated to improving the livelihood of small-scale cocoa farmers in Ghana. I fully endorse having a bit of what you like - to have no vices in life is rather dull in my opinion.

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  • Hayabusa Kanpeki Elite MMA Gloves

    Hayabusa Kanpeki Elite MMA Gloves

    Hayabusa are the Louboutin of the MMA glove world

    Boxing is fun but to really get to a new level of understanding the body I recommend the Martial Arts. Bruce lee called it expressing the art of the human body and I just love that! These gloves are perfect for learning Muay Thai, Krav Maga and other highly practical self-defense moves covered in the MMA umbrella. You can punch but also grapple and use your hands easily for getting in and out of trouble.

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  • Neal's Yard Essential Oils in Organic Lavender

    Neal's Yard Essential Oils in Organic Lavender

    Lavender is a calming scent and helps me sleep

    My schedule is pretty manic and I don't sleep much as I go to bed very late and get up pretty early. Yes, we're all told to sleep more but sometimes that's just not option! If you're like me then quality of sleep becomes a big factor. Essential oil dropped on your bed or burning in your room really do make a difference.

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  • Biocare 1000mg Vitamin C Powder

    Biocare 1000mg Vitamin C Powder

    I always take this product - I add some into a big bottle of Evian and make sure I down it all before I get to work

    Biocare's Vitamin C has Magnesium in it which makes it less acidic - high acid diets are bad for number of reasons - and vitamin C has been shown to help immunity. Only six weeks ago a study was released from the National Cancer Institute in USA proving how high dose Vitamin C usage slows down and reduces spread of several types of cancer. The nutritionist Patrick Holford has preached about this for years and while i don't agree with all his views, he gives a very sound argument on why we should all be taking it.

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  • Methodology X

    Methodology X

    My new 21 day bodyweight workout for women based on the work I do with my fashion model clients

    This has to be one of my favourite products right now as I wrote it and my company produced it. I'm so grateful as it's got lot of love in the national press in recent weeks; The Times, Telegraph, Grazia and others have done big features on it and we have such wonderful feedback from customers. It's also on special offer right now and comes with a100% satisfaction or money back guarantee.

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