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Expert's Top 5: Fred Gielly


Industry pro and co-founder of Gielly Green Fred shares five of his favourite go-to hair products and tools

Check out Fred's expert page here.

  • Babyliss Pro Volare Hairdryer

    Babyliss Pro Volare Hairdryer

    This is an excellent hairdryer with a very fast flow of air, so that it can dry your hair fast without reaching extreme temperatures - much gentler for your hair.

    Did you know it also has a powerful engine created by Ferrari! Only the best for my clients.

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  • YS Park Brushes

    YS Park Brushes

    These brushes come all the way from Japan and are made from the finest wood and natural bristle so they are very gentle on the hair.

    They are hard to find and sadly the most expensive brushes I've come across, but the shine they give to your hair is worth it.

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  • Gielly Green Argan Ultime

    Gielly Green Argan Ultime

    I designed this product myself, so I am very pleased with it. Its strength lies in its simplicity because it is 100% organic argan oil and also in its multi-functionality.

    It is fantastic for treating your hair, face and skin. You can even use it to wash your face. Our clients love this product, the feedback we get is amazing.

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  • Supergreen Supplement

    Supergreen Supplement

    I am well known for my daily habit of drinking super greens, it is part of my lifestyle. They do countless good for the body, including energising your entire system. I couldn't recommend including them in your routine enough.

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  • Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray-Gel

    Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray-Gel

    This product is a volumising spray-gel which adds body to all hair types as well as softness too.

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