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Expert's Top 5: Marian Newman


The renowned nail technician tells us which products are up to scratch

Check out Marian's expert page here.

  • Dadi oil

    Dadi oil

    My absolute favourite nail oil. It’s always in my kit and it’s an essential for keeping nails and the skin around them strong, healthy and moisturised.

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  • Chanel Nail Polish in Rouge Noir

    Chanel Nail Polish in Rouge Noir

    Chanel offers an unbeatable range of gorgeous colours. This is my preferred shade, but I’m also partial to Rose Naturel - I either wear very dark or very light shades on my nails.

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  • CND Shellac

    CND Shellac

    I really think that this is a fabulous invention and in my opinion it’s changed the whole industry. It’s revolutionised nail care for the polish-wearing woman.

    Most of us can’t afford to spend ages doing our nails either at home or in the salon; Shellac is quick, lasts for three weeks and will always make nails look fantastic.

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  • Sisley Sisleya Global Anti-Aging Hand Cream

    Sisley Sisleya Global Anti-Aging Hand Cream

    I can’t do without this! I put it on as many times a day as I can manage. It feels lovely and has a great smell which fades nicely and isn’t overpowering.

    I love it because it goes on beautifully and sinks in, forming a barrier. I wear it all year round.

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  • Sally Hansen 2-in-1 Nail White Pencil

    Sally Hansen 2-in-1 Nail White Pencil

    Short nails actually get much more grubby than long ones. Don’t use other nails or sharp implements to remove grime; use this white pencil instead.

    It cleans and whitens the nail so that it looks healthier and it also mimics a natural French.

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