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Expert’s Top 5: Niki Rein


Barrecore founder Niki Rein shares her workout essentials with us

Check out Niki's expert profile here.

  • Citrus Zinger Water Infusing Bottle

    Citrus Zinger Water Infusing Bottle

    We all know that hydrating is an important part of getting lean and fit, but adding fresh lemon or lime takes you there much faster with its magic alkaline ability.

    That's why I love Citrus Zingers. They are BPA/EA free plastic bottles that have a citrus juicer on one end with a filter, so seeds don't hamper your beautifully infused water. Watch your digestion improve, skin clear up and legs get leaner with this simple change.

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  • Amazing Grass SuperFood Packets

    Amazing Grass SuperFood Packets

    These incredible tasting green superfood sachets are the easiest energy-boosting, organ-cleansing, probiotic and enzyme-rich raw food you can take on-the-go.

    Fantastic pre or post-workout and easy to keep in your handbag. They are great to drink when you are craving something sweet as they curb your craving and give you the flavour of sweetness. I love the Chocolate or Berry Green flavours.

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  • Oxygenetix Foundation

    Oxygenetix Foundation

    This incredible and truly all-day light foundation does not smudge during workouts or clog pores.

    It's also water resistant, camouflages and soothes irritation (or laser work) and is oil, fragrance and paraben free. It's so good for your skin you can even sleep in it.

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  • Better You Magnesium Oil Spray

    Better You Magnesium Oil Spray

    Sleep is important for strong workouts, keeping cravings at bay and healthy cortisol levels (aka a flat tummy).

    I absolutely love this topical magnesium after a salt bath (often with the Better You Magnesium Salts) for the deepest sleep imaginable.

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  • Barrecore Online Classes

    Barrecore Online Classes

    When I can't hit the studio or don't have time to get out of the house and get a workout in, Barrecore Online Classes are my go-to.

    You can pick the best workout that suits your schedule with a variety of classes. Instructors teach full length one hour classes or quick but intense 25 minute blasts, all in your living or hotel room.

    Fresh classes will be added at the end of May 2014.

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