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Expert’s Top 5: Petronella Ravenshear


Nutritional therapist Petronella shares her favourite health and nutrition products with us

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  • A liquid and live probiotic

    A liquid and live probiotic

    I have a shot first thing every morning and it’s a great feeling to start the day with something so positively good. I can almost feel my gut whispering ‘thank you’.

    This is the kind of probiotic you find in health shops and not supermarkets.

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  • A de-stressing supplement

    A de-stressing supplement

    Something to take the edge off all kinds of stress, from deadlines to Christmas. I take it whenever I feel frazzled.

    My favourite de-stressor contains B vitamins, magnesium, theanine and hydrolysed casein, (hydrolysed means the milk protein is hypoallergenic).

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  • Epsom salts (otherwise known as magnesium sulphate)

    Epsom salts (otherwise known as magnesium sulphate)

    I add two cups to a hot bath and soak for 15 minutes before bed for the best and deepest sleep; the perfect way to relax after a long day.

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  • An infrared sauna

    An infrared sauna

    It’s great before a workout to warm up the body from the inside out, for sweating out the city toxins and relaxing muscles.

    It’s also fabulous at the end of the day before an Epsom salt bath.

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  • Betaine HCL

    Betaine HCL

    Because it doesn’t matter how good any diet is if we’re not absorbing the nutrients it contains. The combination of HCL with food and the liquid probiotic first thing in the morning, helps to keep me regular.

    I take it with every meal.

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