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Expert's Top 5: Zana Morris


Zana Morris founder of gives us a snapshot of her favourite health and beauty products

Check out Zana'a expert page here.

  • Strong Nutrients Building Blocks

    Strong Nutrients Building Blocks

    I absolutely swear by this. It literally is the 'building block' for everything - skin tone, muscle tone, digestion, nails, hair and skin.

    They are all so much better - plus, I feel more energised. It's a no-brainer, they’re an all-round miracle.

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  • Michael Van Clark 3 More Inches Pre-wash treatment

    Michael Van Clark 3 More Inches Pre-wash treatment

    I love this collection - it was recommended to me and it really works.

    My hair is quite fine and this really nourishes it AND has helped it to grow - it really does do what it says on the tin!

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  • Amber Gris Brissi Candle

    Amber Gris Brissi Candle

    I always have Brissi candles burning, both at home and at The Library Gym. The scents are exquisite and I love the ritual of lighting them.

    I always feel pampered and looked after when my candles are burning and I think a scented candle makes every space seem warmer and more welcoming. I always use Amber Gris in The Library with my clients.  

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  • Green & Spring Repair & Restore Body & Bath Oil

    Green & Spring Repair & Restore Body & Bath Oil

    After a day working with clients, I can sometimes be in need of a hot bath and some me time. A couple of drops of this bath oil seem to get me back on track.

    I always feel oils are so much more pampering and luxurious than foams. I enjoy the whole ritual of adding the drops to the bath and using it afterwards on any tired or sore muscles.

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  • Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail with B12

    Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail with B12

    This is another recent recommendation that I can't live without. It’s like sending my face to a health farm.

    My skin always lets me know when I have been overworking or travelling too much - it looks grey and tired, so I grab this and a few drops on my skin in the morning and at night perks me right up. I also hear it's great for hungover skin if you've been partying a bit too much  - not that I would know this first hand, of course!

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