Anna Collins

Structural Integration Specialist

Expertise: Body, Bodywork, Wellbeing
Location: London
USP: Peels away problems layer by layer

About Me

Ever met a Rolfer before? We hadn’t, until we met Rolfer extraordinaire Anna Collins. She’s a rare gem indeed; a specialist in The Rolf Method of Structural Integration, a revitalising manual…

Ever met a Rolfer before? We hadn’t, until we met Rolfer extraordinaire Anna Collins. She’s a rare gem indeed; a specialist in The Rolf Method of Structural Integration, a revitalising manual therapy created by a certain Dr Ida Rolf dating back to the 1940s. An appointment with Anna will see your fascia (the connective tissue that envelops your muscles, ligaments, bones, organs, nerves and blood vessels) loosened and made more pliable, so that tension is released and tissues can function more smoothly and effectively. If this all sounds a bit technical, that’s because it is, but let us explain…

Firstly, you don’t need to be injured, in rehab or having a crisis to be eligible for a course of treatments with Anna, but you do need to go along with an open mind and remember to wear some underwear (each appointment is conducted in your undercrackers). Believe us, baring almost all will ensure that you both get and see results from your Structural Integration session, as Anna takes a series of photos at the beginning and end of the treatment (this is an optional element, but is very helpful for tracking progress). Our after photos suggest that Anna quite possibly has magical powers; our posture was verging on the commendable, hips aligned and we looked a good few pounds lighter. How did we get here? Via some pretty intense ‘rolling’ over the skin and some lengthening limb bending. If it sounds torturous, we promise it isn’t, but it’s no aromatherapy massage either. Not only do Anna’s mean-business moves leave you feeling more balanced (and somehow taller), but she can also get to the root of pain and niggles when others can’t. Long-standing injuries can cause your body to ‘overcompensate’ and shift balance or disturb natural movement, and Anna is a pro at realinging and fine tuning anything that’s out of whack. Her freeing techniques often help to boost self-esteem- with a post-Structural Integration stature anyone can take on the world.

Anna recommends a course of 10 sessions to reap maximum benefit from treatments

Contact Anna here. She practices at various venues acros London, including The Light Centre, Grace Belgravia and Como Shambhala.

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  • Lois Cavill asked: I have a severe case of acne and Rosacea. Is there any way I can get rid of it

    August 19th 2016 13:51:44

    Anna Collins replied: Hi Lois, Thank you for your enquiry. Structural Integration (Rolfing) is a physical therapy, which works on the whole body, with the intention of getting it better aligned, so that you move and feel better. It probably wouldn't be the first port of call for someone with your symptoms. Assuming you have already been in touch with your GP, I would head to a skin specialist, to see if any topical treatments would be recommended, and then follow it up with a visit to a nutritionist, to figure out if any food is causing inflammation from the inside. It's alway best to treat the root of the problem first, rather than just the symptoms. I hope this helps somewhat.

    August 19th 2016 15:01:23

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