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Avni Trivedi


Expertise: Body, Bodywork, Osteopaths
Location: Central London
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USP: Treating women and babies is her strong suit

About Me

Avni is an experienced osteopath with a passion for supporting women's health. She especially loves to treat women throughout pregnancy, going on to support both them and their babies post-birth.…

Avni is an experienced osteopath with a passion for supporting women's health. She especially loves to treat women throughout pregnancy, going on to support both them and their babies post-birth. For a lowdown of her relaxing and reassuring approach, check out Size 13’s Emma’s zen-like experience at Avni’s light and airy South Molton Street practice.

Avni also gives lectures on the topic of pregnancy and birth, alongside her roles as a doula, offering support during childbirth, and a zero balancer, a bodywork practitioner addressing the energy and the structure of the body. Avni adopts a collaborative approach and frequently works with holistic doctors, acupuncturists, yoga teachers, personal trainers and other wellbeing crusaders in order to find the best treatment plans for every individual.

Find her at 58 South Molton Street, London W1K 5SL

Contact her on 020 7706 1997

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Reviews of Avni Trivedi

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  • Danielle Marchant
  • April 4th 2014

My breath exhales and my spine unfolds the moment I touch Avni's couch. My body knows it is in for a treat and that the best possible care is on offer. Avni quietly blends deep scientific knowledge with her astute intuition as she moves around my body. Treating me from top to toe, I feel completely safe as she unlocks stuck vertebrae and joints. If feet can smile mine always do when Avni performs her signature foot move - don't ask me what she does, all I know is it really works! The treatment is an intimate yet non-intrusive experience, at the end of which I feel ready to face the face pace that is today's modern world.

  • Helen Sanderson
  • April 4th 2014

I am so thrilled to have had some work done on my sore shoulder by Avni! He work is gentle but profound and after being clicked around many times, I felt her work to be deep and insightful. I think this is the kind of work my body needed, someone to guide it back to balance in a way it had temporarily forgotten. I can't recommend her highly enough! Thank you Avni.

  • Fiona Stewart
  • April 3rd 2014

For a 100mph person like me, I find being around Avni wonderfully calming. What I particularly loved about my zero balancing treatment with her was how it combined treating my body, my mind and my soul all at the same time. I practically floated out of her treatment room!

  • Shaa Wasmund
  • April 1st 2014

As a result of the work I do, I travel a lot, speak a lot, write a lot ... and put a lot of pressure on my back! Avni's treatments are life saving ... she is so good, I personally hired her to be present at my last event so I could stay at my peak. A godsend.

  • Prue Nichils
  • April 1st 2014

Avni is amazing and her treatments are unlike any I have experienced before. I left completely rejuvenated and grounded. Clearly an expert in her field , she seemed to know exactly what my body (and mind) required. Highly recommended.

  • Leigh Ashton
  • April 1st 2014

Avni is so much more than an osteopath. Her treatments bring balance to your body and a huge feeling of well being. Her knowledge and expertise is really impressive and each visit is an education for me too. Whether you are in pain or not, pregnant or really need to experience the very special results that she gets...she really does move you from where you are to a state of pure body balance. Highly recommend her!

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