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Having been at Sassoon for the last 25 years, there’s no denying that Bruce Masefield knows his stuff. Assisting a friend’s dad in a local salon as a teenager, Bruce knew from an early age…

Having been at Sassoon for the last 25 years, there’s no denying that Bruce Masefield knows his stuff. Assisting a friend’s dad in a local salon as a teenager, Bruce knew from an early age he wanted to be a hairdresser and today he brings a great energy and upbeat personality to the company.

Bruce joined Sassoon in the late 80s where he quickly developed a natural flair for the world famous Sassoon cutting techniques. In what he calls an “intoxicating” profession, Bruce is passionate about his career as it has allowed him to do many things, from cutting to styling to travelling the globe, he is very much all hands on deck and enjoys dabbling in every aspect of the business. Proving to have a keen eye for spotting trends, he intuitively knows what looks sexy and fresh; Bruce now holds the position as UK Creative Director.

As well as nurturing the next generation of Sassoon talent, Bruce has developed an international reputation for the many shows and seminars he undertakes around the globe from Australia, Japan to Italy. Believing that the salon floor is where most hairdressers begin, Bruce always tries to take appointments as often as he can because he feels like it’s important to go back to where you started.

If there’s one situation this man loves, it is pressure. He appreciates hair and loves the exploration of tiny strands that can be styled instantly to create a multitude of bespoke looks and taken down just as quickly. That’s why working backstage at catwalk shows are one of his favourite things to do.

Bruce believes that hair is about looking your best and finding a style that suits your lifestyle and personality. The immutable rule is, “the individual should wear their hair, never the other way around!” Whether its ideas, techniques, homecare, or the best product choice – he’s constantly searching for new sources of inspiration that can be passed on to his client base. Bruce works closely alongside the Sassoon International Creative Team to develop and create two Sassoon seasonal collections a year. ‘Putting together each collection is a truly inspirational process. Sometimes it will start with a definite idea, or a particular style period or with the most abstract of concepts,’ says Bruce.

When he’s not flying to NY, backstage at LFW or cutting Mrs Smith’s locks at 3.30 on a Saturday in Manchester, Bruce can be found doing one of his two favourite sports, skiing and cycling, or spending time with his two teenage daughters.

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  • TevIa mounTjoy asked: Hi! I have a bit of an odd question. I have very thick very curly hair and it is also very long. A friend of mine told me about this thing she had been trying that she read online, where you basically just stop washing your hair and that's supposedly meant to be very good for it and makes it look a lot better. Given that I have so much hair I thought I'd give this a go. I now haven't washed my hair for 2 months (gross I know) and it's starting to smell. It's very very knotty and matted and I can't even run my fingers through it. How can I treat it? I want to start washing it again however I don't think I'll be able to just simply brush it. What else can I do to make it easier to brush and wash and get rid of the knots? I feel so stupid and I really need help :(

    March 15th 2016 13:28:53

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