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Dr Vanita Rattan

Consultant Aesthetician

Expertise: Cosmetic, Skin
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USP: High-achieving hyperpigmentation specialist

About Me

Heir to a long tradition of cosmetology, Dr Vanita Rattan grew up admiring and being inspired by a family of medical professionals. Having fulfilled her early goals of studying medicine at University…

Heir to a long tradition of cosmetology, Dr Vanita Rattan grew up admiring and being inspired by a family of medical professionals. Having fulfilled her early goals of studying medicine at University College London, graduating with two degrees, Dr Rattan went on to create Ace Medicine, a medical education company, and subsequently became the youngest person to be awarded by the British Medical Association. A tremendous accolade, the award itself recognised excellence in medical publishing and the business continues to flourish with Dr Rattan currently having taught over five thousand students within five years. In tandem, she became the Consultant Aesthetician for award-winning global skincare brand Pharmaclinix, founded by her mother Shashi Gossain.

Influenced by her surroundings and drawing on her experience of a true pharmaceutical approach has since led Dr Rattan on a journey to fulfilling her own primary ambition; the creation of the safest, dedicated treatment for hyperpigmentation. Following several years of researching all of the elements relating to the common skin complaint, Dr Rattan, widely recognised as an expert in the field, founded the Hyperpigmentation Clinic on Harley Street. She now offers a hero treatment, coined Lightenex Max Peel, that is considered the most avant-garde and effective method of treating hyperpigmentation. The results-driven procedure warrants relatively little downtime and uses the most innovative ingredients, such as mandelic acid, which effectively reduces hyperpigmentation by fifty per cent and upwards after just one treatment.

With hyperpigmentation being a prevalent skin issue, particularly for those with sensitive skin, post-pregnancy as well as generally for olive and darker skin tones, this is certainly one high-achieving doctor that GTG deems worthy of having pride of place in your little black beauty book.

Find her at The Hyperpigmentation Clinic, 1 Harley Street, London, W1.

Contact her on 0845 056 9548

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Reviews of Dr Vanita Rattan

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  • Norie Tia
  • April 9th 2021

I previously had treatment at the clinic, the initial consultation was with Dr Rattan and I found her to be very welcoming, knowledgable, friendly and professional. Her clinic in Mayfair is amazing, it had a beautiful reception area and a state of the art coffee machine (so I made sure I helped myself to a cup of hot choc will I waited.) The treatment itself was not done by Dr Rattan, I’ve seen reviews saying that she should be doing the treatments personally but I think it’s outrageous to expect one person to perform all of the treatments in clinic - surely it should be expected she has a team?? Anyway, the practitioner that done my treatment was lovely, she answered all my questions and helped me feel at ease and explained to me in full length how I should do the aftercare and I followed it down to the T and it paid off because I got amazing results! I have also purchased her lip kit - 3 months in and I can already see a difference! Thanks Dr V xx

  • April 9th 2021

I went to see DR Rattan. She recommended a skincare routine which I have been using for 4 months now. I can genuinely say my skin has never looked & felt better. I had been struggling for years with dark patches & acne breakouts. Highly recommend it! I am of Pakistan origin.

  • hebe clarke-ekstamos
  • March 31st 2020

I would agree with the above reader. I had a very cursory consultation with Dr Rattan, ‏ she was a bit curt and I felt very rushed. After spending £995 on the treatments I saw very little improvement and I couldn’t get through to anyone to ask about updates or advice or feedback at any point. Moreover, I don’t think it’s made clear that the treatments themselves are administered by assistants who do not appear to be medically trained based on our conversations (although I may be wrong). I wouldn’t recommend this clinic at all.

  • s S
  • September 28th 2019

My experience :1year and 2-3months post x3 treatment -value to £1000+ at The Hyperpigmentation Clinic, I am no nearer to having even seen a 50% reduction in my pigmentation as ‘promised’ during my Consultation with Dr V.Rattan& as per her online advertisements ( Google). TREATMENT;: Stage one -no medical History taken or specific test to determine the depth of the pigmentation. At each stage I advised the nurse that neither friends/family or myself noticed any changes but was reassured they will happen. I was told that if that ( Mandelic )Treatment with mask did not work some patients were offered a ‘stronger cream/treatment until significant results were seen. TO DATE;-no significant results seen nor even measurable because my skin appears much worse than when I began. On reporting or formalising a complaint - They were not helpful or considerate and not once offered a face -face consultation to reassess my skin for themselves -even though I offered to attend. I also offered to send photos of the pigmentation evidencing that it had appeared worse -this was ignored /decline. INSTEAD; I was advised to pay another £1000+ for more of the same treatment which may have results. Promises/guarantees of results at 50% were made after x1treatment & no results were seen even after x3treatments plus the ‘stronger ‘treatment . Why would I pay for more of the same treatment to just waste more time and money and well as incur further disappointment and stress.? If THE HYPERPIGMENTATION CLINIC-felt so strongly that their treatment worked would they not -as good /best practice offer another option to their client for free o/give the same treatment for free or refund all monies as an gesture of goodwill and in acknowledgement that they did fail to meet the claims they made -make online? I am -wasted time, wasted money -stressed & disheartened by their behaviour which appears not to have considered the vulnerability of her patients/clients . Does the fact that a patient is addressed as a client and that she’s not practising within a hospital environment make it ok for this Dr to dismiss /ignore best practice ? ONLINE CLAIMS -statement clarified : The marketing is only of successful or what we are made to believe -successful treatments . Where was the notification of the failed or unsuccessful cases with photos- if honesty & candour is important as a medical Dr? THE STRONGER treatment was no ‘specialised ‘cream made up at their pharmacy but cream one can easily purchase over the counter without prescription. Please be wary and careful of this clinic and the claims they make as well as the disregard for best practice or ethics. Thank you.

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