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Emma Olliff


Expertise: Diet & Food
Location: West Sussex


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A well kept secret


Lap of luxury

USP: A simple, healthy diet in a chaotic modern world? Piece of cake (less actual cake, more useful, practical advice)

About Me

Nutritionist Emma has always been a foodie, but it was recognising the healing potential of a good diet that convinced Emma to train in her field. She honed her craft at the prestigious College…

Nutritionist Emma has always been a foodie, but it was recognising the healing potential of a good diet that convinced Emma to train in her field. She honed her craft at the prestigious College of Naturopathic Medicine, where she learned to focus on using whole and organic foods medicinally, addressing the root causes of illness as opposed to superficial symptoms. As a fully insured member of The British Association of Nutritional Therapists (BANT), Emma treats each patient holistically, taking into account their goals, lifestyle, unique requirements and health history.

Emma has a keen interest in functional medicine (if she weren’t a nutritionist, microbiology would appeal) and finds investigating patients’ issues and complaints from the very beginning extremely rewarding. Her flexible and well-considered nutritional programmes can provide valuable support and guidance, whether you’re a mother-to-be, weaning a newborn, training for a marathon or simply in need of an overhaul. As a mother of four, Emma’s outlook is also extremely realistic. She understands that juggling the demands of modern life can be tricky, so will do all in her power to ensure that preparing healthy meals for the whole family is as economical as possible, both in terms of cost and time expended.

With her touring ‘Nutrition Genie’ workshops and a partnership with The Food Doctor in the pipeline, Emma herself is busier than ever. She wouldn’t have it any other way- walking on the beach and rambling on The Downs near her home in Hove keep help her to recharge her batteries. She practices what she preaches, and you can’t help but covet some of Emma’s spark and high spirits when you meet her. Maybe it’s what she’s been eating? Perhaps it’s time you booked a consultation to find out for yourself…

Find her at Clinics in Brighton and Borde Hill, West Sussex. She’s also recently begun consulting at The Food Doctor Clinic, 13 Harley Street, London W1G 9QG

Contact her on 07833 3486323

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My Latest News

Are you already feeling sluggish and bloated? Have you started to think about getting healthier post Christmas? Does the idea of a new year cleanse sound appealing? Well I have just the thing. Sussex & Harley Street based Nutritionists Emma Olliff and Tanya Borowski, have combined their expertise to offer a 14 day DETOX challenge. which seeks to address low energy levels, kick-start weight loss and best support your liver function. At the end of the 2 weeks you will feel brighter, you will be lighter and your skin will be glowing. Our 2 week cleanse, doesn’t mean you will be starving and living off celery and broths, it does mean getting rid of foods that cause blood sugar spikes and upset gut health. By the end of the 14 days you’ll be leaner, less bloated and much better informed as to how to take control of your well being. To find out more about the Nutritional Values 14-Day detox challenge: or contact me directly if you have any questions.  December 16th 2014 19:34:42

For those of you based in Brighton and Hove: Harness the power of NUTRITION to improve your child’s potential We invite you to attend an evening seminar that will show you how to enhance your child’s ability to learn, by ensuring that they are getting the correct nutrition on a day- to-day basis. Food not only underpins your child’s health and wellbeing, but it also directly affects how your child thinks and feels. Eating the right foods has been proven to boost IQ, improve mood and behaviour, increase memory and concentration and sharpen reading and writing skills. In this presentation we will address the following key topics: How food stimulates the brain and the essential nutrients required for optimum health. Which foods are essential to maximise your child’s learning abilities. The dangers of hidden sugars and other anti-nutrients, which affect behaviourand learning. Good fats and bad fats and how to encourage your child to eat the good ones.Parents will be provided with advice and recipes from qualified Nutritionists, and will also be able to sample first hand some of the healthy dishes that are being recommended! Supplements will also be available to purchase on the night.Places are limited so please ensure that you book early to avoid disappointment. Cost = £10 per person Talks taking place on: 6th February – 8.45am 13th February - 6.30pm Where: Brighton and Hove High School, Juniors - Radinden Manor Road, Hove ✪ [email protected] ✪ 07833 348623  January 27th 2014 15:58:16

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