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Georgiana Monckton

Reiki Practitioner and Reconnective Healer

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We all have our vocations in life, and in the case of Georgiana Monckton, spiritual healing is her forte, although she didn’t realise it herself until personal tragedy impelled her to seek…

We all have our vocations in life, and in the case of Georgiana Monckton, spiritual healing is her forte, although she didn’t realise it herself until personal tragedy impelled her to seek alternative forms of therapy. She found spiritual healing profoundly comforting after losing her young daughter Isobel, and in turn her healer Angie Buxton-King recognised that Georgiana had a natural aptitude for healing others herself. Under the guidance of Angie (the first healer to be employed in NHS hospitals), Georgiana began to study reiki and never looked back. She’s now a fully qualified and highly experienced Usui Reiki Practitioner, as well as an accomplished reconnective healer, a practice that strengthens the receiver’s energy, light and information systems to help them to achieve balance and feel emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually renewed.

Feeling renewed is consistent with Georgiana’s treatment style- she’s warm, welcoming and sensitive, as are her hands, and after a session of reiki with her our tester felt like she’d slept for days, in a good way. You may feel heat or tingling in some spots during treatment (our tester felt it on her forehead), or you may feel nothing physical at all, but a sense of calm and peace is par for the course. Whether you’re in pain, undergoing chemotherapy, experiencing insomnia or dealing with an emotional issue, reiki can offer solace and relief. Georgiana also works at Paul's Cancer Support Centre in Battersea, where she treats clients with reiki or reconnenctive healing depending on their needs.

Even if you just have the odd wobbly moment, an appointment with Georgiana is likely to help you get back on track. Georgiana even treats pets, so if you think that your mood might be affecting your pup (or vice versa!), time spent in Georgiana’s company can only reap rewards.

Visit Georgiana at her home treatment room or at Alessandro’s on a Tuesday (£65 per session)

Georgiana is also an acclaimed author on the subject of child bereavement. Her book ‘Dear Isobel’ is available here.

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My Latest News

Hi everybody, this is something I want to share with you, and might explain how personal tragedy led me into being a Reiki Practitioner. My eldest daughter died from a brainstem tumour nearly 23 years ago. I wrote a book called Dear Isobel which has just been republished on Amazon kindle to help others, and to break the taboo of death. About 8 years after her death, a very reputable spiritual healer heard that I was struggling, and said she could help me. I went to see her, and that's where I discovered that I had a natural gift for healing. This woman suggested I learn Reiki, and the rest is history. The republished version of the book has a present day chapter to show people that life does carry on. Please if you know of anybody who has lost a child, then tell them this book is available. Thank you Georgiana  October 28th 2014 10:15:51

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Reviews of Georgiana Monckton

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  • Amanda Cadisch
  • October 15th 2014

Georgiana really does have a special manner . I have had a few sessions and the first time I didn't tell her that I had a bad shoulder and knee it was extraordinary how they both became so hot as her hands went over them. I certainly felt marvellous when I left and would certainly recommend her.

  • Mark Collingwood
  • October 14th 2014

Georgiana is a lovely person and made me feel at easy straight away. I had never had Reiki before and didn't know what to expect, but as soon as my treatment started I felt a blanket of warmth around my body and entered into a completely relaxed state and am now looking forward to my next treatment. Thanks Georgiana

  • Jan Durant
  • October 6th 2014

I have so far had two sessions with Georgiana, never having experienced Reiki before - she is amazing and I will definitely be going again - lucky me for finding her!

  • Anita Shanks
  • October 6th 2014

I have had a few session of Reiki with Georgiana when I was feeling at a particularly low ebb and had a wonderful feeling of wellbeing after. Georgiana has an easy and relaxed manner and makes you feel very comfortable from the get go. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone. Anita

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