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Jess Schuring

Co-Founder of Heartcore Fitness

Expertise: Fitness, Pilates
Location: London
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Hollywood's calling


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USP: HIT training with heart

About Me

Jess grew up in Germany and was a thriving graphic designer in Hamburg before taking a career break to chase the sun and see the world. Stops along the colourful coasts of Andalucía and Australia…

Jess grew up in Germany and was a thriving graphic designer in Hamburg before taking a career break to chase the sun and see the world. Stops along the colourful coasts of Andalucía and Australia preceded a longer stay in Los Angeles that would change her life forever. Jess’s positive energy, zest for life and passion for fitness blossomed in the global hub of healthy living and she refocused her efforts from creating stunning designs to sculpting world-class physiques.

Her transition was as natural as it was successful. Jess’s motivation, intellect and attention to detail drove her to earn the highest cumulative marks ever awarded by the National Personal Training Institute in Santa Monica, an achievement that was surpassed only by the profile of her growing client base. Jess’s reputation as a star-on-the-rise and her seemingly-miraculous ability to transform some of the world’s most visible bodies rapidly made her one of Beverly Hills’ most sought-after trainers. As a result, demand for her services quickly outstripped her ability to meet it and Jess turned to group training as a means to broaden her reach.

Jess sought to create the ultimate results-driven workout that would motivate, engage and inspire clients of all fitness levels to achieve their goals and invest in their wellbeing. The result of her quest is a ground-breaking exercise programme designed to challenge and stimulate, slim and strengthen, lengthen and tone. In addition to whittling you down where it matters most, Jess’s approach also emphasises postural alignment, core strength and balanced muscle functioning to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Jess has brought her programme to London with Heartcore, her series of Zen-like studios that reflect her friendly persona, unique style and innate flair for design. Heartcore was developed around the principle that there are no shortcuts to success - in fitness or in life – so each studio is designed to inspire and motivate you to push through your natural boundaries as you sweat your way to exceptional results. We won’t lie, Heartcore is indeed hardcore, but boy does it work. Your body will change before your eyes and your muscles ache with satisfaction. The incredible return rate of Jess’ clients speaks for itself; this is one addictive and effective form of exercise. Even better, the first class is free for new clients, just to allow you to get into the swing of things before falling for Heartcore completely.

Find her at Heartcore studios in Kensington, Notting Hill, Hampstead and Chelsea.

Contact her on 020 7435 5078

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Reviews of Jess Schuring

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  • Anna Hunter
  • July 25th 2013

A workout with Jess is tough but so high energy and beneficial- she makes you feel like superwoman both in terms of mood and general body firmness. I defy you not to tone up (and cheer up) after a few sessions with her.

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