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Jessica Adams


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USP: We predict you'll come to rely on her forecasts; they're spookily spot-on

About Me

Jessica is one of the few astrologers specialising in prediction - she likes to make specific forecasts and name dates. Her breathtakingly accurate horoscopes regularly grace the pages of ELLE,…

Jessica is one of the few astrologers specialising in prediction - she likes to make specific forecasts and name dates. Her breathtakingly accurate horoscopes regularly grace the pages of ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar and Australian Women’s Weekly (not to mention the monthly predictions she writes for us here at Get The Gloss!).

After completing a degree in Ancient Civilizations, Religious Studies and Philosophy, Jessica turned to astrology because it was an ancient system that really worked to predict the future (despite a certain university lecturer giving her seven out of ten for once putting astrology in an essay). Jessica has never looked back; in fact, she quite literally spends most of her time looking forward, working four months ahead with astrology predictions for corporations, fictional characters and most of us out there with a star sign.

When Jessica isn’t writing horoscopes, teaching astrology or presenting astrology podcasts, she’s writing and editing her Girls’ Night In and Kids’ Night In series of books in aid of children’s charity War Child, with our very own Imogen Edwards-Jones. Over 10 years, the two series have raised over £1 million with contributions from Stella McCartney, J.K Rowling and Kate Moss to name just a few.

Jessica loves to travel and visits London as often as she can to give workshops and visit friends. Catch her on our GTG Live Chat when she’s in the UK this spring and she will answer all of your astrological quandaries.

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Listen to Jessica on The Astrology Show podcast here.

If you'd like Jessica to answer your astrological questions get in touch with her via our dedicated forum here. Please be aware that forum discussions and posts to her profile are not anonymous. To chat privately with Jessica look out for her on live chat.

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My Latest News

I'm happy to offer Get The Gloss readers an exclusive offer for Valentine's Day 2014 - couples' horoscope reports, based on your time, place and date of birth and your partner's. To be waitlisted for one of these £25 digital reports, please e-mail [email protected] and I will be in touch closer to the time, to confirm that you wish to go ahead. This offer is only for Get The Gloss readers and each horoscope will look at the compromises, conflicts and cosmic connections between you and your partner, former partner or potential partner. If no birth time is available I will use 12 noon but where possible, please try and get the clock time of birth. Thank you.  July 4th 2013 18:38:54

Jessica Adams is in London for a workshop on Sunday 19th May at The Exmouth Arms, 1 Starcross Street (nearest station Euston). The talk begins at 2.30pm. For more information please visit Admission is six pounds on the door. Hosted by The Divine Circle of Astrology.  April 25th 2013 17:36:01

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Reviews of Jessica Adams

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  • Claudia Scharmann
  • September 15th 2015

great scopes! But what happened with this week "weekly´s"?

  • hannah oh
  • June 27th 2014

i havent reached the stage where i will know how her predictions turn out. but i am grateful for her taking time out and reading into it. thank you.

  • Lauren Li
  • June 26th 2014

I just can’t express my gratitude to you, Jessica. You not only help people who need some support when they are having difficult time of their live by providing free professional advice, also your advice are just too spooky to be true. You are the best astrology I have ever consulted so far. You are amazing. Thank you, Jessica.

  • Sha Raf
  • April 23rd 2014

For a busy person like Jessica its amazing how she manages to answer every one Questions.She is nice person and I can say this on the basis as I've been bugging her for some time now and she always reply back.So thank you Jessica and Hope to keep getting great insights from you ,in the future as well.

  • Angela G
  • April 19th 2014

Jessica took the time to answer our questions I thank her for her time what a lady please post a review if she has spent time on you - we must all show gratitude - Jessica Thank you

  • Whitney Williams
  • October 20th 2013

Love, love! Also, I apologize if this seems selfish/awkward on your review box, I'm desperate and it's the only place I could get text to send! I wonder if I am doing something wrong with your forum? Are they desktop only? Because I was about to just paste it on here! Don't worry. My super-ego stopped me. So, I guess my phone wouldn't communicate with the server and that dang "add post" button for the life of me. (And this was clearly a universal thing, ( I hope) because I have a blog. You are so beautiful. And I'm so happy I found you when googling "soul astrology" several months ago. I don't know what I'd do without (especially, first and foremost,) YOU,all well as Brensky, Cainer, and GTWeekly. Oh, and now Lanydoo. You little independents, fighting to keep the land and sky in full-force and frontal view together, helping make that switch for us so we can too: So for that, I'd like to thank the radiating you. (And also, is it not working for me because it's not working "for me", that lil post button? Because I'm really about to have another kitchen table reference (I cracked up so hard out loud, to myself when I remembered you wrote that, while there I was, sitting at my table on one of the biggest "aha" moments of my life. Um - that directly involved the actual table, but it was awesome! Trippy world we are... Slash, I need your help! Xx! And just in case I don't get to a pc in time for beloved guidance (if my barrier is technology, for my 'just got a virus and says "Fatal Error" and dies' computer won't be fixed for some time. Therefore. I'll get ballsy and share my "rabbit hole" with you. You're totally a muse of so many people's out there including mine, Whit xx 1002198338N85W1547GMT

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