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Keah Lan

Pilates Instructor and Founder of Mobile Healing

Location: London
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About Me

From ironing out niggles to shortening labour, Keah’s curative powers and therapeutic expertise have soothed, calmed and rejuvenated her loyal client base for over 15 years. She’s discreet…

From ironing out niggles to shortening labour, Keah’s curative powers and therapeutic expertise have soothed, calmed and rejuvenated her loyal client base for over 15 years. She’s discreet (Poppy Delevigne and Hayley Atwell are fans - although she’d never dream of discussing it), focused and highly intuitive - basically, you need her.

Keah specialises in reflexology and Pilates, and has extensive training in Chinese wellbeing methods and natural health. From holistic therapies to detox retreats to daily wellbeing, Keah offers a wealth of knowledge and services to get you back on the right track.

Her reflexology sessions address imbalances in the body and mind and help to restore equilibrium. Besides being a relaxing experience, reflexology is also very revealing of our emotional and physical strengths and weaknesses, and Keah can identify possible deficiencies in your diet, exercise routine and general wellness.

She particularly excels when it comes to pre and post-natal reflexology, whilst also helping to alleviate discomfort and stress for sufferers of IBS, joint pain, insomnia, and cancer. From fertility to fatigue, Ms Lan will take the weight off your feet and offer invaluable support and insight.

Not only will she tailor treatments to you and your requirements, she will also come to your home, office, hotel or hospital to establish a holistic haven in whichever venue you choose. Just call, and Keah will bring the calm.

Contact her on 07525534450

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Chloe Delevingne talks about her reflexology with Keah  September 4th 2014 15:23:46

Editor of Healthy Mag, Lucy Miller talks about her Reflexology experience :  March 27th 2014 14:29:57

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Reviews of Keah Lan

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  • Jo Oliver
  • March 27th 2014

“Keah is without question the best reflexologist that I have encountered and I have been a customer of hers for several years now. She is the only person I know that can successfully send to me sleep without fail, waking up an hour later feeling refreshed and re-energised

  • leo bam
  • March 27th 2014

I've been seeing Keah for treatments for over 5 years and she's amazing. She always leaves you feeling like your walking on air. I would recommend her to one and all from 2 up. She's also brilliant with fertility and bringing on labour.

  • Christine B
  • March 27th 2014

“I have had ten lesson with Keah Lan, and cannot speak highly enough of her approach both as a teacher and a human being. Her knowledge of the Pilates discipline and her attention to each student in the class is exceptional. I have had lessons before with other Pilates teachers none of whom have made the fundamental principles of breathing and muscle use so clear. As a pianist this approach is an invaluable and I would like to see all aspiring young performers build their piano technique upon this fundamental use of the body.” Best wishes Cristine

  • Sophie B
  • March 27th 2014

“I attend a group beginners pilates class with Keah and feel that I am in safe hands. Keah is very clear and precise when describing the exercises. She also takes care and time to make sure all members of the group are in the correct position. Doing this class has banished my pre-existing lower back pain and stiffness. My back now feels stronger and more supple. It has been a rejuvenating experience and one I am happy to recommend to others.”

  • tamara arbib
  • March 26th 2014

Keah is a healer. Pure and simple. She's the most excellent reflexologist I've ever met. She totally rebalances me and works on all areas I need and more amazingly, those that I don't even tell her about. She's so sensitive she picks up on all . Anyone lucky to get an appointment with her should hold onto it like gold dust!

  • flow B
  • September 10th 2013

Keah's reflexology isn't just a foot rub, she gives you an accurate health check with the wellbeing advices that go with it. She is calm and patient, the best to get you relaxed. I have also seen her for Pilates, and once again was the best Pilates session I ever had.

  • jools oliver
  • September 6th 2013

I have been seeing Keah for reflexology for years, she is amazing! You have not had reflexology until you have tried Keah.

  • Anna Hunter
  • September 6th 2013

Keah's reflexology is such a lovely treatment. An incredible foot massage combined with insight into your health and general wellbeing. Can't recommend highly enough!

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