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Lucinda Ellery

Hair Extensions Specialist

Location: London
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About Me

Believe it or not, hair loss affects more than 30 per cent of women. Alopecia, female pattern hair loss and trichotillomania hair loss caused by an urge to pull out hair are all conditions…

Believe it or not, hair loss affects more than 30 per cent of women. Alopecia, female pattern hair loss and trichotillomania hair loss caused by an urge to pull out hair are all conditions that Ellery's expert team can help with, providing custom-made solutions that are easy to maintain and indistinguishable from the real thing. Her work genuinely transforms her clients' lives.

Find her at 312-314 King Street, Hammersmith, London W6 ORR or Old Exchange Building, 29-31 King Street, Manchester, M2 6BE

Contact her on 020 8741 8224 or 0161 832 2857

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Reviews of Lucinda Ellery

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  • Margaret H.
  • May 2nd 2016

As always, the girls in Lucinda Ellery provide extra time for care and give me advice on hand. Excellent service and welcoming atmosphere in the salon.

  • Splitting Hairs
  • March 31st 2016

Very mixed to negative experience of the Intralace and the salon generally. Would love to hear about others' experiences - good or bad - and alternative recommendations on Thanks!

  • Monica H.
  • September 28th 2015

My day in Lucinda Ellery was excellent. All staff here from the reception to the hair stylists provide great customer service as usual. I'm so grateful to them with what my hair looks now! I give this perfect and excellent Lucinda Ellery review to this hair consultancy for a very welcoming staff and its services and the studio as well - so neat and feels like home whenever I come in for an appointment. Surely, they are very considerable of my needs and provide extra care for my hair.

  • Michelle V.
  • September 8th 2015

Another day passed in Lucinda Ellery and it was excellent! I have met the most wonderful girls in my entire life... All staffs here from the receptions to the hair stylists provide great customer service and they are knowledgeable and very-friendly to you always. Thanks to the Intralace System and for all the patience putting this on my head, I even feel it's like my real hair! I am truly delighted with the results so I am placing my own Lucinda Ellery reviews on this hair consultancy for keeping and meeting my expectations up high. Thank you so much to all of you!

  • Tracy H.
  • August 24th 2015

I was very pleased with everything in Lucinda Ellery. As usual they never fail to provide an excellent care on my needs especially now that my hair looks natural. With the Intralace System I was able to uplift back my spirit once lost. Upon reading various Lucinda Ellery reviews online, I recommend this hair consultancy / firm for all your hair needs most especially women faced with TTM, I am sure that Lucinda Ellery is always here to help. Once again, thank you for this another wonderful experience.

  • Elizabeth A.
  • August 19th 2015

All Lucinda Ellery staffs are very pleasant to me. Every time I am faced with problems on how to maintain my extensions, they provide me efficient solutions. Later on, I opted for the Intralace System and it's amazing! I have been coming here in Lucinda Ellery for many times and they never fail to impress me of the solutions they provide to stylise and beautify my hair. I choose to provide another outstanding Lucinda Ellery reviews with the many women here in Manchester to feel and notice that there is someone whom you can really lean on to. No other else... Here in Lucinda Ellery I am always top of the priority.

  • Teresa K.
  • August 17th 2015

For over 8 years before, I tried to look for a remedy on my trich. Upon reading various Lucinda Ellery reviews, I found Lucinda and her consultancy in London. At first, I was quite hesitant, but when I came in to their studio, I was greeted by the lovely staffs. Succeeding 6-8 months didn't go on a waste, for I enjoyed spoilt out in the consultancy firm. Am very very happy with their service. I love having chats with the girls as well. Thanks to Lucinda and her team of professional stylists and haircare experts, I was able to cope up with my behaviour and so happy to regain my confidence the moment I face the crowd.

  • Margaret H.
  • August 5th 2015

I always look forward to my ‘day’ in Lucinda Ellery Hair Consultancy, Manchester Studio. I feel very welcome and have met the most wonderful members of staff from the time I have been coming here; namely, Charlene, Amanda, Elaine, and most especially the lovely Ewa! I have read so many Lucinda Ellery reviews before getting an appointment and it's true that this salon provides excellent service on your scheduled appointments. I love what my hair looks now through their Intralace System. Very satisfied with the results. To all the staffs here in Lucinda, keep up the excellent work, thank you!

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