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USP: Celebrity trainer, nutrition empire entrepreneur and devoted dad. Incidentally, our hero.

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At the tender age of 22, Matt Roberts saw a gap in the market for professional one-on-one training gyms. He says that back then, being a trainer was seen as a “cowboy profession”…

At the tender age of 22, Matt Roberts saw a gap in the market for professional one-on-one training gyms. He says that back then, being a trainer was seen as a “cowboy profession” and gyms were considered “horrible and smelly like an armpit”.

As a result, Matt grew passionate about providing a gym that was professional and could be respected. He found a space in Mayfair, opened his first gym and thus, the journey towards the Matt Roberts gyms chain began.

Now, Matt has five reputable gyms around London and offers his services as the UK’s leading personal trainer. Cowboy profession no more.

As a personal trainer, his main aim is to bring about real and amazing body shape changes. He analyses a client’s body shape and develops a bespoke workout around them to help to attain their ideal figure. His workouts are very results-driven and we can guarantee that you’ll see and feel the difference after a session.

His most notable career highlight was opening Matt Roberts Mayfair, the first one-to-one training gym in the country, at such a young age. Over the years, Matt has stopped at nothing, expanding and honing the gym experience, making his exercise centres some of the biggest in the world. This is alongside a series of internally published fitness titles, TV programmes, fitness DVDs, intelligently designed, technologically advanced home exercise equipment and a range of nutritional supplements - PHEW!

As if that wasn’t enough, he’s currently working towards his new app, Matt Roberts Cloud Tag, a personal launching device due to be released later this year. It will focus on every aspect of your fitness and can even create a bespoke programme to suit your needs. Matt is very big on bespoke training and believes this is where the future of fitness lies.

When he’s not training A-list celebrities (clients include Tom Ford, John Galliano and The Saturdays) or hauled up in meetings, Matt likes to exercise himself. He considers it a key part of his day and can only function with a clear head if he was worked out.

He aims to finish work at a reasonable time so that he can do his favourite things, such as taking his son to tennis lessons and his daughter to gymnastics. He then goes to the tennis court himself to hit a few balls. He also loves travelling with his family and treating them to meals outs and cinemas trips. Super Dad.

So, whenever you’re feeling lazy, remember – you have the same amount of hours in a day as Matt Roberts.

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