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Rachel is your fuzz-free fairy godmother- a beauty therapist who has specialised in permanent hair removal for 24 years, Rachel was a former head therapist at the renowned Sylvia Lewis Electrolysis…

Rachel is your fuzz-free fairy godmother- a beauty therapist who has specialised in permanent hair removal for 24 years, Rachel was a former head therapist at the renowned Sylvia Lewis Electrolysis Clinic in Bond Street before setting up a clinic of her own in 2006 with her equally skilled sister Sonya. A hair removal dream team, what Rachel and Sonya don’t know about depilation isn’t worth knowing.

Rachel excels in electrolysis and her permanent hair removal powers are truly remarkable. Her experience, understanding and crystal clear explanation of the treatment process mean that any fear or misgivings you may have will be left at the door of her clinic. She will work with you to establish a plan and you can bet that whatever hair mare you’re undergoing, she’s seen it all before. She cauterises blood flow as painlessly as possible and is committed to helping you to achieve silky smooth skin, forever. What’s more, an end to the body hair battle isn’t the only benefit of electrolysis in Rachel’s eyes, facial hair removal and eyebrow electrolysis can take years off:

“You can create a beautifully clean shape, permanently. It’s also amazing from an anti-ageing point of view, there’s no more pulling on skin through plucking, threading or waxing”

If you’ve ever considered a more permanent means of hair removal than your trusty Venus, Rachel and her sister Sonya are the pros to quiz.

Find her at The YOU Clinic, 6 Chiswick Terrace, Acton Lane, Chiswick, London W4 5LY

Contact her on 02087422266

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Reviews of Rachel Cross

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  • cHARLIE O'Horo
  • February 28th 2017

I have been hugely embarrassed by excessive dark hair growth on my chin and neck for almost 10 years. Throughout those years I have spent so much time in the mirror plucking on a daily basis. I have purchased and used the tria laser hair remover, I have been prescribed vaniqa and purchased many other treatments from various online suppliers in desperate hope to remove the hairs. Unfortunately all to no avail. I visited the You Clinic for a spray tan and read one of the leaflets in the shop on electrolysis. I read the positive reviews and thought it was definitely worth attending a consultation and paying for the trial to see if this could help. Rachel was lovely and very empathetic, she explained that so many women suffer with excessive hair growth in silence and I wasn't the only woman to suffer from this. I listened to Rachel and (reluctantly struggled) to grow my facial hair without plucking until my next appointment. I bleached the hair as there was so much and wore roll necks for work. The feeling of having the hair removed after growing it was amazing. Within a few weeks I noticed the difference and the perseverance was well worth it. I no longer had to pluck every day! I soon managed to grow the hair for a week between appointments and over time the regrowth reduced significantly. After 10 appointments I started to attend fortnightly and now (after 15 appointments) I don't even think about it. I have a few (not very noticeable hairs that grow back in between appointments and feel like a different person. I can't recommend Rachel highly enough, she is very professional and empathetic and most importantly she has managed to get rid of my facial hair!

  • Oxana ryazanova
  • February 26th 2017

1st class service with excellent result, Rachel is truly a perfectionist who never let you go unsatisfied. Rachel always goes an extra mile to reach the best result. I strongly recommend her to anyone who would like to get read of unwanted hair. Don't follow my example, when I had to go to different specialists trying to find the best one, wasting my money and time, but at that moment I didn't even know what electrolysis meant. Now, hair free, even spot free (the result of ingrowing, and Rachel's help) my self esteem is boosting. Lot's of thanks to Rachel

  • Valentina Ines La Mela
  • February 12th 2017

Last year in February I was looking for some electrolysis service in London and searching on google Rachel was the first one showing up with excellent reviews. I decided to give it a go and she really impressed me for her professionalism. She is someone who really knows how to well perform this job with experience making clients feeling comfortable. What I appreciated was being informed step by step about what electrolysis is about so that I could make an informative choice. Since I've started my sessions with Rachel I could see considerable improvements getting my problem solved. Rachel is really someone who you want to go to if needing electrolysis. Success is guaranteed.

  • rebecca down
  • January 7th 2017

Rachel's treatment has made a big difference to my life. Now, I can run my hands over my chin and neck and feel - nothing but smooth skin. She is exactly what you could want - honest, precise, caring, determined, knowledgeable and highly skilled. When others on this forum say she is the best in London, I actually want to respond - no, Rachel must be the best in the UK. The proof is hundreds of satisfied customers of which I am one. If you are reading this and wondering whether to find out more - please do it. You have nothing to lose but horrible facial hair!

  • saty Kaur
  • December 7th 2016

I have been a client of Rachel's for over 15 years, she has worked magic on my face, not only has my facial hair disappeared I recommend that before you go shaving waxing plucking threading go and book a consultation, you will not regret it, she is the best and I am living proof.

  • sam a
  • November 30th 2016

I have visited many beauticians in my life and of course we all want them have attention to detail and have high standards, however this is not normally the case. Rachel is the first beautician I have met that has exceptionally high standards starting from when you walk into the room and all throughout the treatment. This is so refreshing and I would definitely recommend Rachel for anyone wanting electrolysis. Sam A.

  • MaryJo Carney
  • November 29th 2016

I've had electrolysis previously but the hair started sprouting again. I started with the tweezers and, unfortunately, it did more harm than good. I was damaging my skin while digging for the hair so made the decision to try electrolysis again. After research I was very lucky to discover Rachel. In the short time I have been having treatment the result has been outstanding, making a big difference to my life. I no longer use tweezers so saving time and my skin has healed. I cannot recommend Rachel highly enough. She is a highly skilled practitioner, very knowledgeable and experienced. It was one of my wiser decisions, little pain, great results and even a tasty chocolate to send you on your way. Thank you Rachel.

  • elisabetta petolicchio
  • November 28th 2016

Rachel is absolutely the best about electrolysis. I moved to England in 2010 and it has been really hard to find a centre with this service, luckily I came across the The you clinic and Rachel. She is brilliant, absolutely better than every other beautician I have been before. I have recommended her to all of my friends and I would highly recommend her to everyone. I am so happy and there are not enough words to thank her.

  • Marion Hatt
  • November 28th 2016

Can't find the perfect words to tell you how happy I am to have met Rachel. I had thick dark eyebrows and I was always playing with my tweezer. I have not used this tweezer since I've started to see Rachel. It's a bit time consuming to see her, but so much worth it. I am lucky enough to live in Chiswick, but will even travel from far away just to see her. She is really busy but she always find a way to fit you in when needed. I highly recommend her... and her chocolate !

  • Clodagh Holland
  • November 25th 2016

I first came to Rachel in early 2016 after coming across her salon online. Prior to that I had been suffering with abnormal facial hair growth, partiuclarly on my chin, for around four years. I tried every method of hair removal under the sun including waxing, threading, hair removal cream, IPL and other forms of lazer, the results of which were of course futile for me as my hair colour is light blonde. I scored the internet for advice reading countless articles and began to lose up thinking nothing would work. I resorted to shaving after this, my skin was in terrible condition from this. My self esteem dipped to an all time low, I felt hideous and ashamed that I was secretly shaving me face, like a man. I hated seeing more and more hairs coming back on my chin, thicker than ever, and the feeling of tooth brush bristles all over my chin. I was diagnosed with PCOS shortly after this and prescribed various forms of the pill but still found none of them to be effective in reducing my hair growth. I happened to come across an article on the intetnet mentioning a lady called Rachel Cross, expert in electrolysis. I was very impressed with the reviews left and thought I would give it a try as one last ditch attempt. I had an initial consultation with Rachel and was struck by her honesty and empathy. Her attiude was far from the robotic sales like people I had come across in the past only really interested in selling a product. She took the time to really listen to me and told me "if this doesn't work for you, nothing will". I decided to continue on her advice. I noticed small improvements to begin with but even this was massive for me compared to any other treatment I had undertaken in the past. After three or four more treatments I really started to notice the difference. The thick and course hair became fine and most important of all, most of my hair did not grow back!! I could not believe it and my confidence soared. After about 8 months of regular treatment, I felt my confidence return. My skin is clear and the hair is gone. I still get the odd pesky hair here and there and am happy to come back to Rachel every now and again for maintenance. The procedure itself can be quite painful, but so long as there is no plucking in between, which I stuck to religiously, the results will be fantastic and worth the pain. Rachel always has a chocolate on hand as a treat at the end of the treatment, which is lovely. I honestly cannot thank Rachel enough for her work in resolving a problem I thought would stick with me my whole life. For the women out there who think there is no hope, trust me, there is and that is Rachel Cross who I could not recommend highly enough. x

  • alice Pollesche
  • November 25th 2016

I first came to Rachel a few years back as I had abnormally thick facial hair around my chin and neck area which for a girl in her early 20's is a big NONO! My self-esteem was at a low and dreaded nothing more than the sunlight hitting my face worried that my grizzly shadow would be on show to the world. My First consultation with Rachel I was nervous, she was very professional and discussed in great detail how electrolysis works. Happy to go ahead we then proceeded with my first 15 Minuet treatment and I have never looked back!!! My grizzly beard is now a thing of the past and have never felt so confident in my own skin!! I have since gone on to have my "snail trail" removed and Laser treatment on my bikini area with Sonya. I also recently had a nasty ingrown hair that even my GP wouldn't help me with, I decided to book an appointment with Rachel to see if she could help me and within a few minutes the 9 Month battle with my ingrown hair was gone!! (How did I not think to do this in the first place?!) TRULY AMAZING!!! There is no better way to describe these lovely ladies then the hair removal dream team and cannot thank them enough for all there expert advice and new found confidence they have given me over the few years I have been visiting the you clinic. Highly recommend!! Alice x

  • zuzana kovacova
  • November 22nd 2016

I couldn't believe my luck when I met Rachel. I was desperate, non existent self esteem and a grim future ahead. As everyone on here, we did our research, but have you tried writing into your browser "the best electrolysis in london"? Rachel will come up first and no wonder. The moment you'll come to the clinic you'll feel you are in good hands. She knows 100% what she's doing. There's no one better than her. She's got wast knowledge, unbeatable experience and she understand what you are going through. I can't stress enough how thankful I am for Rachel, thanks to her I'm back to my old happy self, full of confidence and positive attitude.

  • natalie baker
  • November 14th 2016

Having struggled from the age of 16 with problem hair growth I was truly at a loss on what to do when I discovered Rachel. I came to her with a large area of thick but fair hair which lasers just couldn't treat, I had ingrown hairs from shaving and my confidence was at an all time low. Rachel was so knowledgeable and understanding that I immediately felt comfortable and as if I was in good hands. She is always caring and thorough and I'm delighted to say that, though I have a little way to go, my hair is very nearly gone! Now, I can't imagine how I went so long without these treatments. She has given me a whole new confidence and optimism.

  • Lou Gardey
  • November 12th 2016

Rachel is the best electrologist I have ever been to. Having suffered over very many years with electrolysis that didn't work, and was extremely painful, finding Rachel was a revelation. She's brilliant at what she does, and she has completely cleared my face of superfluous hair, which has transformed my life. She's methodical, careful, and caring, and she is, quite simply, the most accomplished and brilliant electrologist one could go to. Her work is the best I've ever experienced - I think she's the top practitioner in her field. I feel so lucky to have discovered her, and she's made me feel so much better, which is wonderful. Lou Gardey

  • Shereen Shereen
  • November 12th 2016

Absolutely brilliant. I would highly recommend and encourage anyone searching for a safe and permanent method of hair removal to seek Rachel's professional help. Having been fortunate enough to have been a client of the late Sylvia Lewis, where Rachel was once a head therapist, I am now fortunate to have found someone I can equally trust and who can match Sylvia's expertise and professionalism. Rachel is clearly a highly skilled and experienced therapist.

  • Jesenka Woodward
  • November 10th 2016

Rachel's experience and training are second to none and you can trust her when she guarantees permanent hair removal. She makes her client feel comfortable and pampered. I would highly recommend her.

  • alison coll
  • November 10th 2016

Rachel is brilliant. I had been having electrolysis for years before seeing her but the hairs continued to grow. After seeing her. I became hair free where ever she treated me. I whole heartedly recommend her.

  • Annameka mclucas
  • November 10th 2016

Rachel has helped massively to restore my confidence with electrolysis to permanently remove unwanted hair on my face including my eyebrows...I can't recommend her highly enough!!

  • Claire T
  • November 10th 2016

Thanks to Rachel I never have to shave my arms and legs and this permanent. It is liberating - she makes you feel so comfortable and her advice and customer service is excellent and the You Clinic has a lovely atmostphere and you feel pampered!

  • lizzie champion
  • November 9th 2016

Rachel is brilliant. She has sorted out my eyebrows so I am now tweezer free! I am so happy with it I've now moved on to my upper lip. I highly recommend Rachel.

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