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Dr Samantha Bunting

Cosmetic Dermatologist

Expertise: Dermatologists
Location: Central London
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About Me

One of the few cosmetic dermatologists who bridges the gap between medical dermatology and mainstream beauty, Bunting takes a softly-softly approach to issues such as adult acne and facial rejuvenation.…

One of the few cosmetic dermatologists who bridges the gap between medical dermatology and mainstream beauty, Bunting takes a softly-softly approach to issues such as adult acne and facial rejuvenation. She specialises in administering the latest treatments while respecting the client’s individuality.

A London-based cosmetic dermatologist specialising, quite simply, in great skin, she’s widely considered to be a beauty insider’s best-kept secret. She’s passionate about making a dermatologist’s advice more accessible and helping women understand that a visit to her office is not just for serious skin conditions. Through her media work and as a presenter on TLC’s Extreme Beauty Disasters, she helps bridge the gap between traditional dermatology and beauty.

An appointment with Dr Bunting involves a thorough exploration of your skin issues, including a detailed analysis of your current skincare practices, lifestyle choices and goals. A personalized skincare and makeup plan will be put together for you at the end of your visit, ensuring that you leave the clinic enlightened, engaged and with a clear, easy-to-follow plan designed to deliver the best version of you.

She received her training from Cambridge University and University College London and became a Member of the Royal College of Physicians in 2002. She then practised medical dermatology for 7 years before establishing her own private practice on Harley St in order to offer her patients bespoke solutions to the full spectrum of dermatological issues, whether medical or cosmetic. Anti-aging and acne strategies are a key focus. She approaches her work with empathy, knowledge and a light, aesthetic touch. She utilises the latest prescription-strength skin-care products, medical needling and injectables in combination to deliver optimal skin health.

Put simply, Dr Bunting is the calming voice of reason when it comes to navigating the hugely confusing arenas of skincare and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

She is sought-after for her opinions and regularly contributes to the popular press and fashion publications (deep breath): Tatler, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Stylist, InStyle, Elle, Marie-Claire, Cosmopolitan, Company, More, Closer, Bella, Red, Zest, Women’s Health, FHM, Men’s Health, Top Santé, T3, Good Housekeeping, Sunday Times Style, Evening Standard, Daily Mail, MoS Health, Financial Times Life and Style, Sunday Telegraph Stella, Sunday Mirror Celebs on Sunday, Daily Express, and

Dr Bunting is in demand as an expert on today's most relevent beauty topics. She is a presenter on Extreme Beauty Disasters on TLC, which has aired in 36 countries globally (formally known as Last Chance Salon). She has just completed filming the second series, following its international success. She has appeared on Channel 4’s How Not To Get Old, NBC’s The Today Show, Channel 4 News, Channel 5 News and This Morning. She has consulted extensively within the cosmetics industry, been a panellist in numerous magazine beauty awards (including Elle, Cosmopolitan, Stylist, Zest and InStyle) and knows the skincare market inside out.

Find her at 25 Harley Street, W1G 9QW, 0203 8839203

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Reviews of Dr Samantha Bunting

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  • J WJ
  • October 9th 2017

I have had 'naughty' skin since my mid teens. By that I mean acne prone on my face but it has gone in waves and has in the past been very responsive to treatment prescribed by doctors. However, as soon as I got stressed and finished a course of antibiotics/topicals the problem would slowly return. During the 'bad' skin periods I would get very low, trying everything to fix it even though those close to me tried to tell me it was not that bad. All I know is that it was bad enough to really effect me. Earlier this year at 30 years of age and four months before I was due to get married, I was spending far too much time putting make up on in the morning to cover up not only the active spots but the reddish marks left behind. It was actually my now husband who suggested I go see a dermatologist so as to find a proper and long lasting solution that was tailored to me. This is exactly what Sam has done. She listened to me talk about my skin issues, took a proper look at my face and set about forming a plan of action around a few paired back products. Sam also listed non comedogenic make up products that would work for my skin which was a godsend. It really helps to have someone who takes the guesswork out of choosing quality cosmetics and can analyse the ingredients! The key to the regime is to be patient and to trust Sam and her advice - it will work. My skin five months later is flawless, I actually glow and did my own wedding make up which I was so happy with. With Sam's guidance I am about to embark on my maintenance programme to completely fade any leftover red marks. Invest in your skin and you will never regret it. Oh and my morning/evening skin and make up routine is so much quicker now, more time to go out and enjoy life!

  • H c
  • August 17th 2017

I made the decision to see Dr Sam after suffering with acne and the associated psychological burden since my teens. I have appointments every 3 months for the past 9 months. My acne was so severe that I was using thick, heavy coverage to cover my inflamed skin. Sam reminds you that acne is a chronic inflammatory skin disease which warrants medical attention. She gets right to the core of the problem (she advised me to get tested for PCOS which came back positive). Sam provides holistic advice, not only medication but also nutrition, cleansing, active acids, the importance of daily SPF and make up which doesn’t promote acneic skin. This is impossible to get in our current NHS climate. I can honestly say that visiting Sam was the best decision I have ever made. It took me about 5 months for my acne to even begin to appear less ‘angry’. Since this point the pigmentation on my skin has improved and is continuing to fade. Before this 5 month time point I was reading lots on the internet of people on the same prescribed medication to me and theirs improved after 2-3 months and I started to panic that nothing would help my acne. However perseverance really is key. I have always been someone that has worn a lot of coverage make-up wise, however now I use a tinted moisturiser. The active creams that Sam prescribes have not only improved my acne but has my whole complexion. I now notice my features that I didn’t before. My goal was to be able to attend a spinning class with a bare face and this is now happening. My skin is brighter, I am more mindful about nutrition and I am certainly far less confused about what skin-care to use(!). Thank you Sam; making my first appointment with you has changed my life.

  • A L
  • August 17th 2016

I went to Dr Sam after five years of being crazy by painful hormonal cysts. I'd tried a dizzying number of potential solutions. If you are doing the same thing--oil cleansing, fish oil supplements, elimination diets, acid toning, endless beauty products--stop right now and book an appt to see her. Your wallet will hurt in the short term but you won't regret it. Dr Sam's approach is sensible and methodical. There are no quick fixes so expect at least a three-month turnaround if you want clear skin for an event. Cleanser is basic, active ingredients are limited and carefully chosen, unapproved beauty products are verboten. If you are a product junkie this might not sound like fun, but I promise you it works, and clear glowing skin is infinitely more fun that a 12-step routine!

  • anastasia borovik
  • May 27th 2015

I have now been a patient for over two years and Dr Sam has completely turned around the way I feel about my skin. My main concern was premature ageing as I was noticing the first signs especially around the eye area. As a result of my first consultation I have totally streamlined my skincare regime saving not only time but also costs. My skin's appearance and texture has improved and the fine lines I was noticing have disappeared. Dr Sam also introduced me to an eyelash growth treatment and after several months of use My lashes have doubled in size ( though it takes a couple of months and I was doubtful) It really is worthwhile investing in a consultation with an expert as there are so many products and fads around. I am glad I have found a straight forward approach with results I didn't think were possible Thank you so much

  • kimberley grainge
  • March 30th 2015

I had been plagued by acne that was particularly bad on my back, shoulders and tops of arms since being a teenager and all the way through my twenties. I didn’t want to have to compromise on what style of wedding dress I chose based off of how much of my acne would be on display so I went ahead and ordered a medium low-backed strapless dress. Having seen Dr.Bunting’s advice and columns in various magazines I went to see her a year before my wedding. She was lovely and approachable and thanked me for giving her plenty of time to fix the issue. Dr.Bunting offers achievable results but they are not instantaneous, so do help her out by giving her plenty of time to work her miracles. She prescribed me with a daily tablet, along with two creams (one for the morning and one for the evening). She then furnished me with a simple 3 step routine, one for the morning and another for the evening. She also gave me a detailed list of which make up brands and products would help improve my skin. All of her guidelines were very easy to follow and I noticed a difference after a short while. By the time my wedding came around months later my skin had been transformed – almost all of the acne scarring had disappeared and I literally had not seen a new spot for months and months. The transformation was incredible and gave me the best gift I could have ever asked for on my wedding day; confidence.

  • Carolyn McRobert
  • February 1st 2015

In July 2014 I first went to see Dr Sam after having a sudden onset of acne at the age of 31. Although since my teenage years my skin had been prone to mild break outs and spots, the acne had never been so bad or so persistent. Before seeing Dr Sam I tried everything I could think of, spending a small fortune on a myriad of expensive products, only to feel my heart sink every time I would look in the bathroom mirror. The acne started at the beginning of April 2014 when I was starting a new job, and it really affected my confidence; I almost felt ashamed that it could be happening in my thirties. I was so reluctant to go to a dermatologist, as I was really afraid that either they wouldn’t be able to help because I was a hopeless case (which I dreaded hearing), or that they would try to sell me their own very expensive products and treatments that I would barely be able to afford (and might not even be necessary but I wouldn’t know!). Eventually though I felt it was my only option as nothing was working, and having read about Dr Sam’s slow and steady approach in Vogue, I felt that it seemed like something that wasn’t just going to be a quick fix. I can’t describe the feeling of relief after my first appointment. It was like a huge burden had been lifted. Dr Sam listened to my concerns and was very understanding, but she was also quite strict about what I could and couldn’t use, which was necessary for a beauty junkie like me. Afterwards I really did feel a bit like I was going cold turkey, immediately leaving behind my heavy foundation, powder, serums, night creams, eye creams etc, etc! She put me on two prescription products, explained exactly how to use them and gave me a straightforward daily skincare routine made up of inexpensive products. She even gave me a list of make-up products so that I knew exactly what I could and could not use. Six months on and I can honestly say my skin has never looked so good! At first it took me a while to get used to my new routine, and I would have loved overnight results, but the gradual change that has taken place in my skin makes me confident that it is something that is genuine and lasting. I am truly so thankful to Dr Sam, I thought going to see her would be really costly, but I can honestly say she has saved me money. Now instead of buying lots of expensive skincare in the hope that they will work, I buy a few select inexpensive products that she recommends. It’s no longer a case of trial and error and the confusion has gone! At this age I’m so glad that I’ve started to see Dr Sam, as I know it’s an investment in the future of my skin.

  • J F
  • October 30th 2014

I suffered with acne and all the related problems (oily and shiny skin, enlarged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, thread veins, greasy hair) for over 40 years. From my late teens onwards I tried practically every over-the-counter remedy, had extended periods of taking various antibiotics prescribed by my GP and had two courses of Isotretinoin under different dermatologists. Most of the remedies were completely ineffective, although the antibiotics and the Isotretinoin mitigated my condition for a while but, as I reached my mid-fifties, I was still plagued with ‘bad’ skin and I thought I’d exhausted pretty much every treatment possibility. That realisation saddened me, as my social and business life was being blighted by my over-active sebaceous glands. I began to lose a deal of my joie de vivre and I wasted way too much time each day studying the state of my skin in the bathroom mirror. It was at this emotional low point that an internet search turned up Dr Sam Bunting. Initially, I thought that Dr Sam, with her contributions to Vogue, Tatler and Good Housekeeping, and her appearances on various TV programmes about grooming, simply wouldn’t be appropriate for a middle-aged man who wasn’t bothered about looking more youthful or radiant, but just wanted to be free of acne. I was wrong. A major difference between my first consultation with Dr Sam and the many consultations I’d had in the preceding four decades, was that Dr Sam understands how a condition that is trivial in medical terms can have such a disproportionate impact on one’s self-esteem. But, she doesn’t just empathise, her knowledge is encyclopaedic and she has provided me with wise counsel on pretty much every aspect of skin care. However, most importantly, she sorted out my acne with a low-dose course of Isotretinoin. Within two months I had no spots, my pores were shrinking and the blackheads had gone. Then she devised a programme that has maintained that situation. I now look in the bathroom mirror when I shave or brush my teeth but, after that, I get on with my day without being pre-occupied by the state of my skin. Thanks to Dr Sam I’ve had ‘normal’ skin for the past 3.5 years, and that’s a wonderful thing.

  • May 30th 2014

I started seeing Dr Sam about 18 months ago following years of trying everything to get rid of my terrible Melasma, that had arrived due to fertility treatment and never gone away. I had tried everything. I spent fortunes on every possible cream advertised, and spent a lot of money on a course of Cosmelan at Sarah Chapman. The Cosmelan was so extreme that I looked like a burns victim for two weeks, however it did reduce my pigmentation, but only for a few months and then it all came back as bad as ever. The position of my marks made me so self conscious, and the final straw came when my 8 year old nephew said very matter of fact 'yes Aunty has a moustache', like it was just a fact. I was pretty desperate when I first saw Sam. She has a wonderful calming manner, and was very confident she could help me. She explains things with great intelligence, and I could not stop staring at her amazing skin, which anyone would kill for. But I must admit as she talked me through the regime she proposed I was a little cynical that something so simple could have any effect, when everything I had already tried previously brought improvement. She proposed that I start using the Obagi product range and introduced a vitamin C serum and one other cream for the morning and evening, and one cream in the evening every other day. On top of that she recommended just a cheap cleanser and moisturiser that I could buy in Boots to replace my expensive products. For the first few weeks my skin was peeling slightly but the pigmentation was definitely reducing. I would say it was after three months that I really noticed a huge difference. One Saturday I woke up, washed my face, and realised I did not need to plaster on make-up and concealer. That was the first time in six years that I went out without foundation. I felt liberated! I am now about a year and half down the line and have kept up a less rigorous version of the regime which Dr Sam tweaked for me, and I am still pretty much pigmentation free, despite holidays in the sun. But what has really surprised me is that over the last few months friends keep telling me how amazing my skin looks. Not just because the pigmentation has gone but it is glowing. At a girls night out just last week one friend asked me what I used, as my skin looks so good, and two other friends joined in saying they had been staring at my skin also thinking it looks amazing. At 41 nothing could make me happier. They were all shocked that I have not had a facial in a year and a half, and never felt the need in this time as my pores are just not blocked, and my skin always feel so clean. I have saved a fortune ... What I love about Dr Sam is not just my amazing complexion and the fact she has given me my confidence back, but also she really cares. She regularly checked in by email to see everything was ok, and really is delighted to see the positive results she can achieve. I cannot recommend her enough.

  • Shira Purkiss
  • May 4th 2014

What a wonder Dr Bunting is - that rare combination of brains, beauty and pragmatism, as well as being the best possible advertisement for her skills. After several decades spent seeking good skin on both sides of the Atlantic, I found it through Dr Sam. She is knowledgeable and no-nonsense and will tidy up your skin routine and hone it down to a few key products. She will help you navigate the deluge of products out there to find what works for you. I am thrilled and relieved that I no longer have to worry about what I should try and what may, or may not, work. In about five short weeks my skin was transformed - it isn't perfect but it is as good as it can be without more serious intervention and, most importantly, it makes me happy. I am very grateful to her and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

  • Sarah I
  • December 24th 2013

After never having to think about my skin in my teens, I started to break out in my early twenties. After spending far too much in SpaceNK on products which didn't really work for me, I ended up visiting a dermatologist. I found the experience to be a little bit unnerving as lasers and chemical peels were directed my way and wrote off dermatologists altogether. A couple of months later I was pointed towards Dr Sam. Given past experience, I have to admit I was a little bit hesitant. Dr Sam's approach is entirely different though. Rather than advocating harsh treatments which promise unrealistic results, Dr Sam helped me find a routine to follow for the next 3 months. A simple change of cleanser, followed by 2 acne products (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening), seemed a little bit too easy at first but it made such a big difference. Within 3 months, the breakouts were more or less gone. A follow up with Dr Sam, saw her tweak the routine to tackle the pigmentation left behind from the breakouts. 2 months into the new routine, my skin is better than it has ever been and I finally have the confidence to get back to going out bare faced. For anyone who wants to see sustainable results, I can't recommend Dr Sam enough. The sessions aren't cheap but when you consider all the money you'll save trying to self medicate and the difference a proper skin care routine can make, it is most certainly worth it in my opinion. As an added bonus, Dr Sam is lovely and approachable and kindly responds to all follow up questions be it regarding the routine or makeup to use etc.

  • Sophie Wong
  • November 16th 2013

I first started seeing Dr Sam Bunting in May 2011 after battling with bad acne for a couple of years. I must have tried nearly everything under the sun the GP could prescribe to me as well as buying every gadget and cream available. It took Sam only a couple of months to sort out my acne and I was ecstatic! For the first time in ages I was not ashamed of my face. Not only does she prescribe the correct course of medication, she would also recommend the skincare that compliments the treatment. Ever the professional, Sam never asks you to buy anything from her, she even emails me the links of where I could purchase the skincare! And to top it all off, she does not prescribe expensive skincare! Nearly 2.5 years later I am still acne free thanks to the maintenance program Sam has put me on. She is also available to answer questions via email or mobile. I was living in India 6mths this year and started developing age spots because of the strong sun rays there. I panic called Sam and she immediately fitted in for a Skype consultation and prescribed a new skincare regime to get rid of the ghastly age spots. Sam even offered to send me the products if I couldn't source them in India. You simply cannot ask for more, Dr Sam Bunting surely goes above and beyond the call of duty. I cannot thank Sam enough. She certainly is my life saver. Although I no longer have any acne and very few light age spots, I continue to see Sam every few months to make sure my face stays in tip top shape. My friends always say I have great skin, I always tell them its not me, its all thanks to Dr Sam Bunting my wonderful derm!

  • Caroline Horyn
  • November 7th 2013

I have had acne as far as I can remember. But 3 months before my wedding as the stress made my break outs worst than ever, I started to investigate for THE BEST dermatologist in London. I was encouraged to go and meet Sam Bunting. Although she was fully booked, she managed to find me an appointment very quickly and I left her office with a prescription that I had been given 100 times by french dermatologists... The only difference? She took the time to listen to me, to my history, she wrote a very precise care plan. It has been very easy to follow, and every question I had, she was answering by email within 24 hours!!! She promised that my skin would "get better within 12 weeks", the results appeared after only 5 and my skin became clearer that it had ever been. The best compliment I got on my wedding day was...... the following morning! When I got out of my room for breakfast, no make up on, people told me how amazing my skin looked!!!! I cannot thank her enough for her help, and now I am looking around me and every time I see someone with pimples I just wanna shout : "It is so easy to change things!!! If only you knew!!!" I am very grateful for what she did, still does as my bank account does not cry every month after the SPACE N K DAY......

  • Henrietta Black
  • October 15th 2013

I've never had great skin and I can still remember being teased at school for it and standing in the corner hiding at parties in my teens. In fact one side of my face still has the mild scars to remind me daily of just how savage acne can be. I wish all those years ago I had known someone like Dr Sam Bunting. After several years of trying some of the best dermatologists around, Sam has finally got my skin blemish free. In fact at the ripe old age of 44 I no longer dread looking in the mirror. Now I see clear, shiny skin thanks to Sam. So how does she do it? Sam tailor makes a skin action plan for you. For me, this meant getting rid of my skincare and swapping it for the much cheaper and more effective La Roche-Posay brand and adding in a retinoid cream, a Vitamin C serum and an exfoliator. Out also went my foundation(no names mentioned!) and I started wearing Lancome and Nars. I've learnt to layer my skincare in the morning and evening thanks to Sam's skincare plans which efficiently arrive by email after a visit. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I just wish my younger self had been able to visit her all those years ago!

  • Hattie Cameron
  • October 3rd 2013

I looked up Dr Sam when I realised I couldn't bear to waste any more time worrying about my skin! I had moderate acne that had plagued me for years and despite a ridiculously healthy lifestyle my skin was grey and congested. Quite frankly I've got better things to do than worry about bumpy spotty skin. I also felt I was spending an obscene amount of money on skincare without proper advice. Dr Bunting just 'gets' this. The woman is a blimmin' genius. My skin is never going to be amazing but it's clear and glowy and I don't worry about it anymore! She's also really educated me as to what not to put on my skin, the makeup I was using before was just exacerbating my skin issues. Given how much I was spending on skincare before trying this, that and anything else that promised better skin - it's great value for money. And she's normal, non scary and very funny. Thanks Dr Sam!

  • Erika Miller
  • July 25th 2013

I met Dr. Sam when I first moved to London from America over 3 ½ years ago. I was experiencing skin problems which I correlated to shifting hormones in my late 20’s, stress of an international move, and my skin not adjusting to the London environment. All growing up I was very lucky to have problem free skin, but it seemed to be a common theme to experience severe breakouts every time I moved to a new city which I just couldn’t figure out how to fix! As a result, I was constantly spending a lot of money buying new products that weren’t working and at the same time looking for that perfect fountain of youth potion! Dr. Sam worked her magic and provided me with a customised skin care regime, consisting of a combination of both prescription and over the counter products you can find at Boots. As my skin care needs changed throughout the past 3 years, Dr. Sam continually updated my regime with new products. Since she uses many of the same products, I know I can trust her recommendations. The results have been fantastic! I’m now in my early 30’s and every time I go home to America I’m consistently complimented on how good my skin looks and my friends and family are always asking what my trick is! During my most recent trip in early July, my mom and I went to the spa for massages and facials. The aesthetician commented how good my skin is, especially for my age! She even guessed that based on my skin I was 21! Incredible compliments considering I spent my summers lifeguarding and winters in sunbeds during my teenage years. Such comments from my family, friends, and a professional are true indicators of success of the skin care regime and all the kudos go to Dr. Sam for her expertise!

  • Annabelle Wegner
  • July 24th 2013

I have always had very sensitive skin but with no major issues. However, after hitting a certain age and being exposed to the sun, my skin became even more sensitive and started losing its balance no matter what I did! I eat well and I take care of myself but the skin issue was really bothering me and didn’t stop. I found Dr. Sam’s details in a magazine while on holiday and I emailed her right there and then - from a different side of the world. She immediately picked up my email, offered help and was very supportive. Nine month later, my skin in as perfect as it gets and I get really nice compliments on it from my friends. Dr. Sam did an amazing job and I am very grateful for her support. I also learned a lot about skin care for sensitive skin.

  • Gregory Green
  • July 23rd 2013

I have always considered myself to have reasonable skin without major issues. But now hitting my mid 40's I was looking for advice on ageing at least gracefully and when I saw Dr Sam on tv I thought she might be the best person to go to. I was a bit scared that I was the only guy who came to see her but she assured me this was not the case and this is happening more and more. In any case luckily she told me that I did not need major treatment but that it was a question of getting into a good routine and using the right products instead of jumping from one to the other. Anyway, I think Sam is great and recently my wife went as well and now she is sending some friends so I think Sam might be getting rather busy!

  • Lee Quinn
  • July 20th 2013

I have always taken good care of myself. I eat well, go to the gym, look after my skin and don’t take myself too seriously. However a few years ago as I hit my late 30’s, I had become increasingly bothered and occupied by changes in my skin and my face and had started taking up an unhealthy little hobby of extensive mirror gazing. It was a huge and lengthy decision for me to seek out professional help. I am a research doctor (PhD pharmacologist) and seeking out physician advice for something other than a significant condition or sickness and indeed for as such ‘cosmetic purposes’ was something that did not sit easily with me. The choice of dermatologist was therefore extremely important and for me it absolutely had to be the right person. Sam is that person. Sam Bunting brings a balanced and intelligent approach (and voice) to the world of cosmetic dermatology. She is an excellent doctor and is completely motivated by robust clinical data and the welfare of those that walk through her door at 10 Harley street. She also has the best eye, the most delicate touch, a warm, fun personality and less is always so much more with her. So what about me? I have been going to see Sam for a few years now. I go once or twice a year and continue to take the best care of myself and my skin. People tell me I have beautiful skin (which is nice!) and that I look great (which is also nice!). Most importantly however I have stopped that unhealthy little hobby of mirror gazing………….

  • Michael McDermott
  • July 17th 2013

I’ve struggled to control my Rosacea skin complaint for many years including the redness and sensitivity that comes with the condition. Over that time I’ve tried various prescription creams and other medications with limited effect. Dr Sam Bunting has been treating my Rosacea and I’m really pleased that this has managed to get my Rosacea skin problems under control. I’m really happy with the improvements that this has now made and the overall condition of my skin. I’ve also learnt that caring and looking after ones skin can also help in controlling the Rosacea. I’m grateful for the enthusiasm Dr Sam gives in dealing with my skin complaint. Michael - Liverpool.

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