Daxita Vaghela

Lash artist

About Daxita Vaghela

The beauty industry’s not-so-well-kept-secret, Daxita Vaghela is the go-to lash and brow technician for many a beauty director, including beauty heavyweights Sali Hughes and Alessandra Steinherr. With over 30 years of experience in shaping, lifting, tinting and tweaking, Daxita’s bespoke lash lifting and extension services have earned her the well-deserved title of the London Lash Queen among her loyal clients.

While she’s an industry veteran when it comes to creating deliciously delicate, natural-looking lashes - all synthetic, so no animals are harmed in your lash lengthening process - more recently Daxita has turned her steady hand to microblading. As with her lashes, Daxita’s main priority is creating something that will lift, balance and frame the face.  Combining a precise touch with artistry, Daxita uses the semi-permanent tattooing technique to create a kind of magic facial architecture - you’ll leave with full, fabulous brows but you’ll feel like you’ve had some face sculpting thrown in for good measure.

Shaping brows has been a lifelong love affair for Daxita. It was after seeing her aunt have her brows shaped in a local salon that Daxita taught herself the art of brow threading and the queues for her talented touch have been forming ever since.

Over the last 30 years, Daxita has become nothing short of a lash and brow wizard; her bespoke blend of carefully picked and positioned lash lengths and shades are tailored to each client’s face. Everything from their bone structure to their skin tone and even their personality is taken into account. Daxita wants her clients to wear their lashes, not the other way around, and she feels her exacting approach is needed to ensure this.

Another reason that editors and celebrities alike trust Daxita with their eyes is that while her attention is second to none, she’s speedy too. Your average lash extension session can take up to three hours, but for a session with Daxita you’ll be done sporting envy-inducing lashes within the hour.

And now, a trip to Daxita’s is a family affair. She’s passed on her craft (and yes, it is a craft) to her daughter Kajal. Having started training at just 17, Kajal has inherited her mother’s talent for lashes and brows, and she offers bespoke facials to boot. The face-framing duo can be found at New Cavendish Street’s Atherton Cox Tuesdays to Fridays as well as popping up weekly in the Beauty Lounge at Harvey Nichols.

Where to find Daxita Vaghela

Website: http://daxitavaghela.com/index.html
020 7487 4048
18 New Cavendish St