Dr Sharon Wong

Consultant dermatologist and hair specialist

About Dr Sharon Wong

As a consultant dermatologist, Dr Wong’s knowledge combines medical trichology (as opposed to just trichology, which is not a medically recognised specialism) with dermatology. She’s your go-to for treating everything from alopecia and hormone-related hair loss to scalp eczema.

Historically, approaches to hair loss have tended to be very one-sided - either very cosmetic or highly medicalised. Sharon integrates these to create personalized treatments to best encourage new hair growth, as well as maintaining scalp health to make the most of your already healthy hair.

Dr Sharon describes herself as the ‘patient’s ally’ when it comes to seeing them through their skin or hair treatment journey. She’s renowned for combining medical expertise and support with empathy; Dr Sarhonunderstands that hair and skin concerns often have an emotional undercurrent so is stringent about offering emotional support as well as medical treatment.

Dr Sharon has been consulting in the hair loss field for over 12 years and has gained a broad and unique understanding across the sector - from the scientific advances and research through to consumer and patient needs.

One of a small number UK dermatologists to specialise in hair and scalp disorders, Dr Sharon underwent extensive training to carve this niche, and is renowned for her holistic assessments, warm and understanding nature, clear-cut diagnoses and effective treatment plans. Her unique insight and expertise in treating complex hair loss and scalp conditions, particularly among Asian and Afro-Caribbean patients, are what makes her one of London’s most sought-after specialists.

A big thing for Dr Sharon is highlighting that hair loss is incredibly common and that sufferers are most definitely not alone. In 2018 she created an annual public event, Get Ahead of Hair Loss (GAoHL), which brings together industry professionals (including transplant surgeons, hair scientists, wig makers, hairdressers, dermatologists, psychologists, trichologists and micropigmentation practitioners) and individuals experiencing hair loss for a day of education, networking and support.


BSc (Hons), MBBS (Distinct), MRCP, MRCP (UK) Derm. GMC number: 6104104

Where to find Dr Sharon Wong

Website: drsharonwong.com

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Email: georgia.hughes@hcaconsultant.co.uk

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