Dr Johanna Ward

Aesthetic doctor, GP and founder of Zenii London

  • Location: London, Buckinghamshire
  • See them for: Consultations, Anti-ageing, PRP, Peels, Injectables
  • USP: State-of-the-art collagen rejuvenation

About Dr Johanna Ward

With creamy blonde hair and skin just as lustrous, you'd think Dr Johanna Ward had spent her life in the realm of aesthetics. But the Kent-based doctor has actually clocked up many years working as a GP, which explains her knowledge on everything from sleep to menstrual cycles.

While all the usual injectables feature on her menu, the half-Swedish beauty is a bio-hacking advocate who can make you look tighter and brighter in just one session with her clever Intracel and Ultracel treatments.

Where to find Dr Johanna Ward

Website: vitalizeclinic.co.uk

01622 232608

Vitalize Clinic
299 Hale Street
East Peckham
TN12 5HZ