Dr Tijion Esho

Cosmetic doctor and founder of Esho lip cosmeceutical range

  • Location: South West London, Liverpool, Newcastle
  • See them for: Lip augmentation, Dermatologist, PRP, Injectables, Lip laser, Lasers
  • USP: Pioneering and precision lip enhancement

About Dr Tijion Esho

'The Lip Doctor' is his name, precision pout-plumping is his game. As the former resident cosmetic doctor on E4's Body Fixers makeover show, Dr Tijion Esho's books are filled with everyone from royals to A-list celebrities. He's a top industry innovator offering revolutionary treatments, like his Laser Lip Lift for needle-free volume. He’s also passionate about making lip fillers last longer, and even weaning us off them, via his world-first cosmeceutical lip care range.

Where to find Dr Tijion Esho

Website: eshoclinic.co.uk
Wimbledon: 0203 970 4693
Newcastle: 0191 2499349

36 Ridgway
SW19 4QQ

Collingwood House
The Fleming Business Centre
Newcastle upon Tyne