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About Jasmine Hemsley

Conscious joyful living is Jasmine’s raison d’etre. We know that sounds a bit hippy dippy but bear with us. Her career started as a chef, restaurant and food writer; her brand Hemlsey + Hemsley (founded with her sister Melissa) is behind bestselling cookbooks including How to Eat Well & Good + Simple, which was brought to life as a cafe in Selfridges. Today though, Jasmine has branched out on a solo mission: to bring the ancient holistic healing system of Ayurveda into Western homes.

Originating in India, Ayurveda has roots that trace back more than 5000 years. The general principle is that you live according to your constitutional type, or ‘dosha’, depending on what this is, there are different ways for you to find balance between body and mind. Basically, Jasmine is all about balance and the idea that when you find it, you can live a better, healthier, happier life. She shares many of these principles on her website, in her books and at talks. They include things like tongue cleaning with a copper ‘Tongue Tingler to using her Kansa wand as a facial massage tool. Her book East by West, Simple Recipes for Ultimate Mind-Body Balance is an accessible introduction to Ayurveda, plus some first rate ideas for tasty meals.

Born to a Filipino mother and a British father, combining eastern and western traditions has always been a way of life for Jasmine. And it’s influenced her career too. Merging Eastern holistic philosophies with Western wellbeing tech to make healthier living accessible to all, even if you’re hardly a Goop junkie, is at the heart of all of her messaging.

Through her books, tv appearances and the Hemsley digital platform, Jasmine is dedicated to getting people to think more ethically and sustainably when it comes to making choices in everything from food to fashion and beauty.

Of course, she wouldn’t be a true wellbeing expert if a little bit of mindfulness didn’t come into play. A trained sound therapist, Jasmine hosts immersive sound baths using the harmonics of gemstone and crystal alchemy to help ground attendees and get them to take a little time out from their hectic lives.

Other impressive feats include winning the Women’s Health Wellbeing Book of the Year in 2019 for East by West and hosting the popular podcasts The Wellness Connection and SELF-Sustainable with Selfridges. Jasmine consults on food and wellness for brands including Goop and Eco Age and is a proud ambassador for Women for Women, Cool Earth and the Wild at Heart Foundation.

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