Sam Mcknight

Hair stylist

  • Location: London
  • See them for: Hair Styling
  • USP: creating iconic hairstyles

About Sam Mcknight

We don’t throw the term ‘legend’ around lightly, but that is what describes Sam Mcknight. The industry veteran is the genius behind some of the last 4 decades’ most memorable hair looks. He’s done so much for the hair industry that he was one of the chosen people to board the 90s-themed bus at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant, alongside his mate Kate Moss, among others.

Every look for Lady Gaga’s Born this Way album, the painted hair at Dries van Noten’s SS22 show, countless Chanel catwalk shows, pretty much all of Kate Moss’s Vogue covers, the Jodie Comer cut-at-the-kitchen-table bangs that went viral? Yup, they were all down to Mcknight.

From masterminding the hair at hundreds of fashion shows and zshusing up A-listers for the red carpet to styling models for sell-out magazine covers, Mcknight is still the man everyone wants in their glam squad. How has he sustained such a stellar career? Well, for one, he’s nice. He may move in A-list circles (Madonna has him on speed dial) but he will natter away with anyone about gardening (a passion of his) over a cuppa. Secondly, he’s a visionary. It takes true creativity to keep pushing boundaries and coming up with new ways to look at hair. If you want proof, look up his 2016 Somerset House Hair exhibition, a whistlestop tour through some of his most groundbreaking work.

Mcknight believes that good hair is the ultimate mood booster and your greatest accessory. His range of styling products includes a dry shampoo that was created for Ms Moss herself; the range quickly gained cult status for letting mere mortals achieve that cool-girl, slightly gritty vibe that he’s famous for. And now, he’s delved into haircare with his Hair by Sam Mcknight range Shampoos, masks and oils are all coming this way, allowing all of us more of that Mcknight magic at home.

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