If you're dressing exactly the same as your daughter when you're in your fifties, something's got to give.

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They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but a quick glance at Miley Cyrus and her 52-year-old mother Tish, who were out celebrating US Mother’s Day on the weekend, does bring to mind another idiom –  of the mutton and lamb variety.

Don’t get us wrong, Mama Tish is in fantastic shape for a woman in her 50s, however if we were 19 and our mother tried to a) raid our wardrobe and b) leave the house in a low-cut, transparent tank top, sans bra, we’re not sure how delighted we’d be. Surely this can only lead to "Oops!" towel-slips and gaping dressing gowns in front of boyfriends at breakfast.

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