Do fashion's more exotic brands leave your tongue in a twist? Learn to pronounce over 100 designers names with this new app - your ultimate fashion week companion

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The models are descending, the collections have been completed and the champagne is on ice - it can only mean that London Fashion Week is upon us. That’s right, as of Friday the 14th the world’s most fashion-forward will be catwalking into London and any fashionista worth their salt will be immersed in the fashion furore.

However, we Brits aren’t exactly savvy when it comes to international lingo. Some names we can do no problem: Chanel - easy peasy. Erdem - piece of cake.  But just one glance at a name like Proenza Schouler and we’re stumbling, mumbling and shaking in our stiletto heels. It seems that having an unusual, hard-to-pronounce name is often a prerequisite for designer brands these days and with so many design houses originating overseas, the situation isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

However, before you get thrown into the lions den of linguistic nightmares, GTG has come to your aid with the revolutionary app, Fashion Speak. Designed with low-key, simple navigation, the app allows users to listen to the pronunciation of over 100 designer names, including every tongue-twisting nightmare from Hussein Chalayan to Ermenegildo Zegna. Try saying that double-speed after a couple of glasses of pre-show champagne. For only 69p you can maintain your fashion street cred - a total bargain.

So, sweep away pronunciation problems and say goodbye to diction dilemmas: you can finally learn how to speak chic.

Available on ITunes for 69p