As someone whose staple wardrobe item is a good pair of shorts, Kiran Branch is in prime position to let Kate Moss know she's made a fashion faux pas

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We seldom offer anything but kudos when it comes to Kate Moss in the sartorial stakes but Carine Roitfeld's soirée last week presented us with an unusual situation; Moss hit a seriously bum note with her Saint Laurent ensemble.

The anomalous outfit was more than a minor deviation from Kate's usual effortlessly cool attire, comprised of a tuxedo jacket and black playsuit which revealed a substantial amount of cleavage - but not of the bosom variety. Oh no, Kate was purposely revealing to the world an area a little south of bosom; it was her derrière that was on display for all to see.

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As surprising as it was for the fashionista to make such a faux pas (and at Carine Roitfeld's no less - cringe), this fashion fail has been seen on countless celebrities over the past few months and is showing no signs of letting up.

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Everyone from Rihanna to Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears  and Cara Delevingne has been spotted wearing micro shorts and revealing what we can only describe as booty cleavage, which looks as hideously unattractive as it sounds.

Naturally, the booty cleavage brigade have been the butt of many a fashion gal’s jokes, but for those who like to wear a regular short-short all year round (guilty as charged) it’s unsettling that the high street is now flooded with only the micro variety for all those teeny-boppers who want to look like their idols.    

Kids, take it from someone who has had and will continue to have a life-long love of shorts, the cardinal rule is this: if we're seeing cheek, it ain't chic.