An insight into the working setups of our favourite women in business. This week, Fashion Foie Gras founder and editor Emily Johnston lets us in on what’s on her laptop…

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Since founding Fashion Foie Gras  in 2009, with the aim of creating a hub for everything influential and buzzing in the world of fashion, Emily Johnston’s very stylish blog has gone from strength to strength, seeing her collaborate with the likes of Michael Kors, Hermès, Marks & Spencer and Victoria’s Secret, to name but a few enormous global brands. Her HQ is her west London home, and while she certainly doesn’t spend all day chained to her desk, this is where the business of blogging really gets underway. She welcomed us into her workspace, sharing the tech, treats and meditation techniques that shape her day...

GTG: What apps can you not live without?

Emily Johnston: I'm a social media addict so the quick answer is every social network; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, name it, my phone is eating up battery using it by the second! However, I use a lot of apps these days to assist with Instagram more than anything else. I'm addicted to  Snapseed  for altering images. I also use the app  Headspace  twice a day; it’s incredible for peace of mind. It's all about finding 10 minutes a day to meditate. I've been using it for nearly a year and I swear it's knocked my anxiety levels down completely.

GTG: What’s in your bookmarks bar?

EJ: Get The Gloss, naturally. Besides that I have my favourite blogs - Mademoiselle Robot, Coco's Tea Party, The Elgin Avenue, Park & Cube and more. I read more blogs than I'd ever care to admit to. They're all my friends and my constant source of inspiration to work harder every day. For shopping, I'm an American girl who loves her hometown brands, so you'll find Madewell, Ralph Lauren, J Crew, Donna Karan and more in my bookmarks for guilty purchase pleasures.

GTG: What’s on your real-life desktop?

EJ: Every desktop is a Fashion Foie Gras desktop, and every single one features a picture of my parent’s place on the coast of South Carolina.

GTG: Deskside snack?

EJ: Haribo gummi bears. I know- I'm terrible!

GTG: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest and why?

EJ: All of the above, but I’m particularly loving Pinterest at the moment (it’s where I also have my biggest following at 1.1 million followers).

GTG: Tea, coffee, water or... what?!

EJ: Coffee. I recently bought a Nespresso machine into my home and it's changed my life. Seriously addicted.

GTG: What sort of chair do you sit on?

EJ: I used to sit in a beautiful Herman Miller Aeron Chair. Sadly, Mr. FFG stole it. So currently I'm using a very comfortable Ikea chair (which I fastened with some wheels for easy maneouvering).

GTG: Standing desk or sitting?

EJ: A bit of both. Sadly blogging has killed my back so I have to do a half-half day. Too many hours at the desk over the past six years have taken their toll. I'm in the process of looking into the whole treadmill-desk situation. I'll let you know how that goes.

GTG: How do you disconnect from your desktop at the end of the day?

EJ: I don't ever really disconnect, I just move to another device - my mobile phone. Blogging is 24/7. No way around that one.

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