In her first edit for Get the Gloss, stylist and fashion blogger Laura Fantacci picks her fashion top five for November...

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Laura Fantacci is a fashion stylist and the founder of the addictive insider fashion blog Wearing It Today . Her site is not only a sneak peek into this top stylist’s wardrobe, but is also a place to learn Laura’s top new fashion tip-offs and styling secrets first hand. We are thrilled to inform you that Laura will be bringing GTG readers her top five fashion finds every month, from high street finds to designer lust-haves.

This is her first edit… take note!

1) J.Crew Collection Cashmere Tee


There are so many things I love about this soft cashmere top I don’t even know where to start: the rainbow wheel colour options, the perfect wear-me-all-seasons-around weight, the sweatshirt detail on the collar that makes it oh so cool and of course, the fact that it’s from one of my ultimate favourite brands ever, J.Crew (and since we are on the subject here’s a date for your diary, Regent Street store opening November the 8th). I’ve made it my mission to aim for owning the entire colour collection of their cashmere Tee, and I’m currently counting three: a forever navy, a colour pop neon pink and a versatile grey. They have been the best investment tops in my wardrobe, they go with virtually everything: a statement trouser for work, a pair of jeans in the week and and even a sequin skirt for a night out. They are an absolute must have wardrobe staple; try to believe.

2) The MiH Breathless Jeans


I recently did a post on my blog about this style of jeans but since finding a good fitting pair of jeans is every woman’s holy grail, I thought I would reiterate just how great this ankle-grazing pair is. The Breathless fits as a skinny jean and it’s only slightly cropped, making it the perfect “dressy” jean to be paired with a statement court or a fabulous sandal. The waistline sits just right on your hips, not too high not too low (I hate it when you bend over and your knickers peep out!). I own a pair in a beautiful blue wash ever so slightly faded that has a noticeably slimming effect. MiH also do a super chic hand embroidered monogramming service where you can personalise your favourite pair of jeans with up to three letters. And finally, as if all of this weren’t enough, they’re currently on sale on their website which makes them even more appealing...

3) Tabitha Simmons Iridescent Sandals


Not for the faint hearted, this pair of iridescent green leather sandals from Tabitha Simmons are as big a statement as a statement shoe gets! I’ve had a huge crush on them since the beginning of the season, yet sadly the steep price tag means they shall (for now) remain only in my dreams. However this hasn’t stopped me from fantasising about owning them and imagining what I would wear them with. In the summer I would wear them with a glossy mink pedicure, a T-shirt and ripped denim for a laid back look. In fall I see them with a thick fabric black cigarette trouser and a sharp tailored coat, and in spring I would go a bit risqué and pair with a printed dress for a mismatch effect. However you decide to wear them I would say don’t play it safe, be bold and wear them when having fun. Oh, if only I stumbled upon £815 I know where it would go.

4) Accessorize Diamante Necklace


I’m a huge promoter of the statement necklace; it’s no big news that it can transform your go-to uniform of jumpers+skirts/trousers from day to night in a blink of an eye, but I never tire of this trick. It’s always worth having a look in Accessorize for accessible sparkle, and not only for necklaces - they have beautiful earrings too.

I often go for a little trawl around the shops on my lunchtime break and there is nothing I love more than finding a little unexpected gem that won’t break the bank like this crystal necklace. I actually ended up buying two of the same to layer them up over t-shirts and jumpers, and all of this guilt-free! In the flesh it’s super sparkly, looks incredibly expensive and I’ve received countless amounts of comments on it, followed by: “Nooo! From Accessorize!?”

5) Saint Laurent Cabas


There are few things as chic as a YSL bag (oops, pardon I meant Saint Laurent), the black Muse was the very first designer I ever owned and since then I’ve always admired this Parisian brand’s brilliant design. I now particularly love the Cabas, it’s one of the new generation of designer “discreet” bags: simple, clean, structured and with minimal branding (the distinguished 'Y' buckle is just for those in the know). I always say that if you must invest in a designer item, that should be a handbag because it has the power to pull together any outfit. You could be wearing head to toe high street but you can’t fake an expensive bag. And when it comes to colours, don’t be afraid to invest in something a bit more jazzy like this red number; think of how it will lift your black and navy daily outfits and just how well it will go with your Chanel Rouge Noir mani.