She should feel like the only girl in the world to truly have it all, but Rihanna's star quality is constantly clouded by smoke, writes Anna Hunter

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A wise man once said: 'With great power comes great responsibility'. We think that the supreme powerhouse that is Rihanna inc. needs to pay attention to said wise man. The higher her star rises, the higher RiRi seems to get, as she seems intent on posting pictures and references to her marijuana habit on an almost daily basis. It may well have been her birthday this week, but she doesn't win any maturity points for uploading the majority of her weed gallery in her underwear.

If the self-proclaimed ‘bad girl’ isn't smoking in her smalls, she's indulging in her favourite habit with Chris Brown at the Grammys  after party or posing with a suspiciously spliff-like accessory for a shoot with Terry Richardson in the latest edition of the appropriately named Rolling Stone magazine.

In January she took her grass along with her to the beach, puffing on a marijuana-filled cigar (known as a 'blunt') during a break in Hawaii. Inconspicuous as always, Rihanna tweeted her hemp-infused happiness; 'Kush rolled, glass full... I prefer the better things!' To further demonstrate her love of the green stuff, the Princess of Ganja tweeted a bouquet of marijuana leaves on Valentine's Day, with the caption 'Roses are green! Somebody knows how to make me happy!' The tweet received over 200,000 likes and was re-tweeted more than 3,000 times. Truly disturbia when you consider the likely age of most of the fans retweeting her pot-promoting posts.

The way GTG sees it, her everyday endorsement of drug use is beginning to cloud over her creative successes and lucrative partnerships. The unveiling of her collection for River Island at London Fashion Week was met with purring approval, and yesterday’s news of her collaboration with cosmetics giant MAC adds yet more sparkle to her already stellar CV.

Rihanna's young fans can sing her songs, wear her clothes and recreate her look for seasons to come, but will her marijuana advocacy catch on too? It's a worrying prospect, and one that can probably only be avoided by a stint in Instagram rehab. We understand that it can be hard to stub it out RiRi, so first please quit posting; others are growing tired of passively inhaling your social media smoke.