Several big names in the fashion and beauty world have announced they're launching make-up lines, but GTG's editor won't be rushing out to buy a lipstick in Christian Louboutin's signature red

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This week I’ve caught wind of lots of exciting new brands in the beauty pipeline. First up there’s the announcement of a Marc Jacobs beauty range – we can only imagine the pop art colours, handbag-shaped compacts and daisy-ended lipsticks that the hip US designer will come up with.

Meanwhile Aerin Lauder, the classically beautiful granddaughter of Estée, is set to launch her own make-up line - Aerin is chicness personified, so GTG is hoping for an elegant modern take on the Lauder tradition.

Slightly more perplexing, however, is the news that Christian Louboutin, the WAGs' cobbler of choice, is set to collaborate with Batallure Beauty.

Why am I not a fan? It's partly down to the ubiquity of his red soles on all the wrong feet (sorry, Alex Curran) but I must admit there is a slightly personal bias. When I used to work at Vogue, I was given £450 to spend at the Louboutin store (only just enough for a pair of shoes btw). Deliriously excited, I skipped to Motcomb Street in Knightsbridge one Saturday afternoon, only to be greeted by a very snooty saleswoman who declared virtually every shoe I wanted to be out of stock. I left with some bright green patent heels that are quite amazing, but I’ve barely worn them since.

It just goes to show how important customer service is, and this is particularly true in the deeply personal beauty industry. Louboutin knows his insoles, but if he wants his beauty line to succeed, he's going to have to show some soul.

Wag Alex Curran in Louboutins (Getty)