Feeling sleepy? Anna Hunter has found your secret wake-up weapon to help you open your eyes

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London Fashion Week is fast approaching, but given that we've been up all night watching the BAFTAs/Grammys/Revenge re-runs combined with excruciatingly early mornings and the odd post-work beverage to celebrate that it's not January anymore, it's safe to say that our peepers are most definitely not fashion or flashbulb ready. Luckily, help is at hand in the form of the flesh-toned inner eye pencil. No, it doesn't sound particularly glamorous, but please bear with us - your tired eyes will thank us for it.

Pale neutrals inarguably look great on walls and against a tan, and they also save the day for sleepy peepers. A waxy eye pencil such as the 3 Custom Color beauty hero , £13.50, can instantly create a wide-eyed look, freshening the face and erasing all traces of bad behaviour.

Expert make-up artist Arabella Preston  swears by the instant illuminating powers of the neutral eye pencil, but for her the shade has to be more peachy than pearly: 'Flesh coloured pencils are far superior to white pencils (which is what was traditionally used) as they are much more natural, especially if they are yellow-based as this will balance out redness perfectly. They are also brilliant if you want to achieve a bit of lower lash definition with a liner or soft shadow, as you need to look bright-eyed and bushy tailed to get away with this!'

Maestro make-up artist Rachel Hearle  agrees, and advises applying 'by pulling your eye down gently underneath the lower lashes and gently lining the waterline'. For an even more vivacious visage, we also recommend smudging the pencil under the brow bone or blending into the inner corners of the eyes in a sideways 'v' shape.

What's more, this beige brightener doesn't just perk up waning eyes; it can also be used to create the illusion of a plumper pout when traced along the Cupid’s bow. Cupid's arrow may not make it your way, but a subtly sexy pout attracts admirers all year round.