Cheat your way to a flatter stomach with this flattering piece of fitness wear

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With the exceptions of Catwoman, Jane Fonda and Cher, there are very few people who can pull off tights outside of the gym. So with this in mind, you’ll have to forgive us if we don’t go reaching for our nearest pair of skin-tights when a lunge, squat and Downward Dog pose is thrown in the mix too.

However, we no longer have to fear looking more sausage than sporty during our yoga classes, because thanks to these super-flattering Wunder Under Pant yoga leggings from Lululemon, gyms everywhere can count us as the newest members of the leggings brigade too.

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And why, we hear you ask? To quote Shakira, our ‘hips don’t lie’ and it’s nice to know that on days when we’re feeling a little, ahem, bloated, we can count on the adjustable waistband to nicely tuck our wobbly bits in. Plus, with the trademark Lululemon waistband pocket to make sure we don't leave home without all the essentials, our gym wear ensemble will hopefully be less bulky in more ways than one.

While we’re counting on the highest coverage at this particular moment in time, we have our fingers crossed that come week six of Project Bikini , we’ll be rolling the waistband down rather than up... but just don’t hold us to it!

Lululemon Wunder Under Pant (Roll Down), £82.  Buy online .