Because let’s be honest, we’re not all honey-legged glamazons with a cab tab. From bus stops to catwalks, hosiery is here to stay, at least until next March. Here’s why wrapping our legs in silky 50 denier for autumn can bring joy.

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When to dig out the black opaques from the back of the wardrobe is a contentious question for us Brits. Almost on a par with putting the heating on or switching to ‘the winter duvet’, the exact arrival of the winter tights equinox is oft debated in offices and whatsapp groups up and down the land, and that’s before we get into the denier issue, control panel options and why OH WHY it’s seemingly only possible to find a waistband that reaches your armpits or creeps down to your knees rather than sitting anywhere geographically near your waist (more on that in a sec). And then there’s the tights refuseniks. Those fashiony people who seem to survive Game of Thrones level winters while bare of leg and without the merest hint of a goosebump (or at least the golden tan covers them up).

Finally, however, the tights dodgers can officially brush off the naked air of superiority.  Hosiery proudly slinked down the runway at many an AW17 show, from Mulberry to Balenciaga to Céline, and even Chanel has been dabbling in a black opaque. The gloves are off, the tights are on, and here’s why we love a big semi-sheer leg sock, whether they’re sartorially approved or not…

They’re practical

Wind whipping around your shins? Skirt shrunk a bit in the wash? No time or inclination to shave your legs? Voilà le stocking. A good quality pair of tights can transform a summer dress into a solid winter option, act as a buffer to the elements and fill in for faffy hair removal when you can’t even. Basically, there’s just too much going for tights for them ever to be off the table, even if the likes of Anna Wintour shun them, which they really shouldn’t because…

They’re chic

A luxe black, low to medium denier can be seriously elegant, particularly when paired with leather, lace and other such tactile fabrics in dark colours. See Alexa Chung, Lupita Nyong'o, Julianne Moore and Julia Roberts for inspo.

If you carry out summer leg maintenance  with slight resentment, you probably look forward to leaping back into your tights on many levels, but a luxe pair of tights can be enduringly flattering as well as practical. Whether sheer, more opaque or just the right hue of nude (typically a minefield but tones are improving), sophisticated hosiery elevates an outfit rather than detracting from it. You can run around town all day and they’ll remain flawless and perfectly fitted.

London based Heist  designs tights for movement, modelling them on dancers in campaign shots. The fact that they stay even and smooth throughout jumping splits is a testament to the fact that they not only cope with the daily commute and beyond, but excel in their field

They’re a comfort blanket

Both figuratively and literally, if you get the right pair. Whether you’re an 18, 30, 50 or 80 denier woman, or all of the above depending on the weather and your whims, there’s something cosy about stepping into a pair of tights come autumn and feeling supported yet not suffocated. The gentle hug of a waistband that doesn’t dig in, the non-saggy crotch, the perfect length and breathable, warm fabric. Heist tights were pretty much invented for getting stuff done in. Versatile and durable, you can go to a swanky dinner and hold court in the boardroom all in the same pair and still slightly feel like you’re wearing a snug onesie.

They’re innovative

Heist has cannily tucked the toe seam of its tights under the foot, not only dramatically reducing the likelihood of ladders and tears but also looking quite literally seamless in all footwear and outfits. Waistband wise you can choose from high and low (also a seamless situation), and they stay looking smooth, even and flawless throughout the day thanks to a 5K spiral yarn that winds nylon around elastane to create superior soft and strong hosiery- most tights boast 500 spirals at most. Tight tech right there.

You can also strike itchiness, overheating, wrinkling, bagginess, laddering, chafing and just about any other tights related gripe off your list these days- a well made pair moves with you and doesn’t cut you in half, squash your innards or just generally make your legs look and feel like sausages. If yours do, ditch em, and go for something finer. Life’s too short, and winter’s too long, for tights that feel like leg prisons. Opting for Heist tights, with a seamless design and ever evolving development that’s more often seen in the trainer and sportswear sector, will change the way you wear and consider a daily basic, for the better.

They’re economical

So Heist tights start at £19. On the surface, not cheap but they’re lovingly produced with longevity in mind. They wash well, don’t snag or scuff and are designed to a sports legging blueprint rather than the flimsy pantyhose of yore. In the case of Heist’s designs, if you buy a pair that’s not quite right, you haven’t wasted your cash- you can exchange them within 28 days of purchase or request a full refund if you're not feeling them. They also come in a neat dust bag to stop them from going AWOL at the gym and keep them protected and pristine when in your lingerie drawer. In short, Heist are helping tights shed their throwaway, disposable image, one innovative pair at a time, and since tights count as both underwear and outerwear, we reckon you can justify double figures for a premium pair.

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